Meeting Up With Blogger Khai Devon

Hey, all!  I promised I would write about my meeting with a fellow blogger, Khai Devon, that I met with on Tuesday for the first time.  I met with Khai and his fiancee and we had a blast!

We were supposed to meet at a Starbucks, but unfortunately neither one of us knew that the ginormous building that was Starbucks actually had no indoor seating.  It was raining.  So we opted to head over to Burgerville and grab a milkshake.  (I tried one of their chocolate hazelnut shakes and it was delicious!  Yum!

Khai writes Duffel Bag and a Dream, a blog about his experiences moving from the Bible Belt into eclectic Portland. I love how Khai describes himself, “…poet, blogger, genderqueer, activist, goofball. Liver, laugher, learner, doer, thinker, debater. Once described as too good at arguing to ever make a point. Once described as too good at making a point to ever have a good argument. It all depends on perspective.”  I think the description is wonderful and fairly accurate.

Khai is bubbly, and full of wonderful stories.  His lady love was funny, too.  We have decided we will most definitely meet again!

It is so awesome how the blogosphere has connected me with some really cool individuals over the years.  I’ve met a few bloggers now.  While I was long haul trucking and roaming the country, I even got the extreme privilege to meet Bethany Jo Lee of Project Whitespace in person, who has been a huge supporter of mine on my blog. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet and get to know in person everybody I have met.

Thank you internet! Blogging has been a true gift that keeps on giving.


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