Training For My 2012 Walk Across America

I’ve been in training to walk across America for a little over a month now.  I’m already walking 2 1/2 miles without too much difficulty a few times a week.  My goal for the end of the month was to walk two miles all four to five days a week, and I think I’m going to surpass that without any problems.  In addition, I’ve lost over eighteen pounds since the beginning of October.  That’s one of the nice bennies about training for something like this:  getting fit, losing weight and gaining confidence in my physical and athletic self.

I have a little over four and a half more months to train, so I plan to bump that amount up by two miles each month until I can regularly walk 10 miles a day.  I don’t foresee any issues with that, barring some sort of injury or illness.  Heck, if I do well, I may be able to do even more.  Time will tell.

Path to an empty field, Portland, OR

One of the cool things about walking around your neighborhood  is getting to explore all the things you never noticed before.  I found this field down a street not far from where I live, and I had no idea it was there!  I bet the local kids play down here all the time.

But I like to branch out, too.  I like to expand my walks into other neighborhoods and see what they are like.  Exploring your environment is fun!  And educational.  I learn so much more on foot about what is around me then I ever do driving around in a car.

Now that winter is coming, I’m glad I have a treadmill at home, though.  On the yuckiest weather days, I can use it.  Most of the time, though, I still plan to walk outside, because I take my dog and he needs his exercise, too.  I’ve heard of some people training their dogs to run on a treadmill, but I’m not a savvy enough dog trainer to do something like that!

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