Yesterday I walked 3.25 miles.  Today, I walked 3 miles.  Saturday, I plan to hike five miles with a bunch of folks on Meetup around Oaks Park.  Should be fun!

However, today I got my first two blisters from training.  One of them is on a toe on my right foot and the other is on the ball of my left foot.  Lovely.

But, actually, I’m kind of excited about them, too.  It means that I’m walking long enough to create enough rubbing to irritate the skin.  And, it brings back memories of my walk in 2009.  I earned a blister the size of Texas on that walk.


Time to go buy some more moleskin.  I’m out.  I think it’s why I got the blisters in the first place (that, and yesterday I didn’t double up on the socks–stupid me).  The blisters remind me I’m human and I have to really start thinking about this sort of stuff again.

The pic to the left is of the small blister that morphed into the blister from hell I mentioned I got back in 2009.  It ended up growing up in between my big toe and second and third toes, and about halfway down the ball of my foot.  Youch!  is right.

Hopefully I’m a little savvier this time around and will be able to prevent the giant blisters, but we’ll see.  If not, I don’t mind.  The blisters are like painful badges of honor.  It means I’m doing the work!  And by the time I get ready to start my trip, my feet should be toughened up enough that blisters will hopefully be uncommon.

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