Icicle Butt Syndrome

Yesterday I was outside almost all day working on a friend’s film project.  The temperature didn’t rise above 36 degrees Fahrenheit all day, and I was cold.  I made sure to wear layers, and my upper body did pretty well.  But despite wearing long johns and extra socks, by derriere and hips froze.  For some reason, my butt likes to do that.

My husband says all women’s butts freeze, but I don’t think that is true. When I was younger my butt was hot.  Um, wait.  That didn’t come out right.  What I mean is, I never had problems with my hindquarters getting cold.  For some reason as I get older, though, my heinie gets colder.

Part of it I suspect has to do with my weight.  When I was younger, I was smaller and I was able to fit into better quality clothes.  As large as I am now, I can’t find quality cold weather gear that fits me.  I had to resign myself to denim jeans (cotton) and regular old-fashioned long johns (cotton-polyester blend).  Neither material is good for keeping the heat in and cold out.  Neither material is good at wicking moisture away from the skin.  And neither material is good at keeping the wind out.

I’ve searched on-line and haven’t had much luck finding anything in my size.  Last night I even met with some mountain shop store proprietors at a winter sports fair and talked with them at length.  One of them gave me a name to start investigating–Sporthill (anybody try that line?  How are they?).  Another suggested the Marmot powerstretch 3/4 tights.  They were men’s sizes but since they were 3/4 tights, they might work.  Most recommended I buy the men’s plus sizes and then have them altered to fit me.

I am reluctant to do alterations of men’s garments for a few reasons.  One, I’m afraid doing so will negate any warranties this kind of winter gear has (and some of these companies have very good warranties).  Two, I’m leery of alterations because I fear it will alter the waterproof nature of some garments or new seams will allow in water or wind that wouldn’t have gotten in otherwise.  Three, no matter how you alter a man’s coat, I’m sorry, but I can’t make my boobs or my hips go away.  Stuff is always tight in those areas.

Does anybody else find it odd that only men have winter sports garments in plus sizes?  Do outdoor companies feel large women don’t go outside?  It’s incredibly frustrating, I have to say, to deal with this lack of garments in my size.

Has anybody heard of any winter sports clothing lines for large women (sizes up to 3x)?   If so, PLEASE comment and tell me where to find them.  I need some during my training.  I was suffering some icicle butt on Monday after my long walk and it would be nice not to have to deal with that.  As I train more and continue to lose weight, my size will get smaller, but I don’t think I’m going to get small enough to wear “regular” clothes before my trip start date.  I could seriously use y’all’s help on this one.  I’m tired of frozen derriere!

Finding cold weather gear to wear is going to be especially important when I start my trip, because I will be walking through the Cascades in April/May and there is still snow and ice up in the mountains then. I don’t want to freeze to death!


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