Six! Six Miles Walked, Ah ha ha ha!

Sorry.  I was channeling the Count from Sesame Street there, for a moment.

Actually, I walked 6.15 miles.  But, eh, close enough.  I’m soo happy!  Nary a blister, too.   Though my feet were pretty sore by the time I finished.  And I had to take a couple of five-minute breathers along the way.  Not because I was tired, but because my feet hurt.  Though my Dante dog seemed pretty relieved to be stopping each time.  Sad when I’m in better shape than my dog!

Funny thing is, I feel positively tiny now, since I have more energy and I feel better since I’m getting exercise.  How I feel and the way I look don’t go together at all.  I remember reading somewhere that women’s self-perception tends to be 15 pounds heavier than what they really are and their self perception ties in with their self-esteem.  I must have a big head or something, because I don’t appear to have that problem.  Which, I suppose is a good thing, or else I might never try to do something as monumental as what I’m doing.  Walking across America takes some chutzpah, I would imagine.

Six!  Six miles walked today!  Ah ha ha ha ha!


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