Sneak Peek

I got to do a sneak peek at the video that Nathan Isaacs is helping me put together for my Kickstarter campaign, and I have to say I’m quite excited about it! He’s just fixing one little thing, and then it will be good to go and I can upload it.  I hope to have it up and my campaign kicked off before the end of the week.

I love collaborative projects, because sometimes the sum ends up greater than the parts of the whole. I gave him my script, told him what I was going for, showed him some video of an example, and he took my idea and the footage we shot and edited together something even better than I had hoped. He even included some stuff I hadn’t asked for, but after seeing it, I had a face/palm moment and thought Why the heck didn’t I think of that?  

This illustrates perfectly how filmmaking can be a team endeavor.  And I am actually reminded of why I got into filmmaking in the first place.  My friend Joe Sherlock likes to make home-grown schlocky b-movie horror films.  He first asked me to act in one of his film shorts in the mid-90’s.  I got to play Janet, who goes to a party with her boyfriend Brad, and we make out in the garage at the party.  There, he gets his head chomped off by a monster in the garage; I get splattered with blood and run into the house and scream.  That pretty much sums up the extent of my role.  I had sooo much fun, despite my anxiety at never having acted in anything before.

Turns out, I was a halfway decent actress and I discovered I can do a horror-movie scream with the best of ’em.  Filmmaking was the first hobby I had ever seen that gathered together all of your friends and even people you didn’t know so you could work on a project together.  And when the project was done, you could all see the fruit of your work, together.  It was awesome!  I was hooked!

After that, for the next several years any time Joe or one of his filmmaker buddies asked me to be in one of their movies, I jumped at the chance.  Eventually, though, I started having my own ideas for movies and wrote a short film script.  I asked Joe to film my script, but Joe had too many of his own projects he was working on and told me that I should film my own.

I never filmed that first short I wrote.  But, I did go to school and got a bachelor’s degree in film.  I remember how satisfying it was to finally create my own first short film last year.  It’s exciting!  Filmmaking brings people together.

I’m hoping my documentary will do the same.  Actually, I’m not hoping that.  I know that.   I’m sure my doc will bring a lot of people together.  I’m looking forward to it!


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