Chris Allen’s Walk Across America

I’ve talked with and corresponded with many different walkers, hikers and runners who have crossed America on foot. Yesterday, I got the pleasure of chatting with Chris Allen, who started his walk from his home town of Cape Cod, MA back in May this year.

Chris has been a walking machine these last week or so, trying to make up ground after injuries slowed him down earlier in the year.  He walked over 51 miles in one day, a couple of days in a row, and that was after a 40+ mile day!  His determination to go the distance amazes me.  But, he told me that walking all night was the only way he figured he would keep warm, since the nights were getting so cold.  One night he walked, it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit!  No wonder he walked so much!  Go to sleep in cold like that (unless you’ve got arctic rated cold-weather gear), you’re not likely to wake up again.

Because the winter cold had set in, he was extra determined to make it to his waypoint ASAP in Bennett, CO where he plans to start back up with his walk again next year.   This winter, he’ll be staying in Boulder, CO with some family.   Then he plans to resume his journey sometime in May.

Chris gave me some excellent advice, and his enthusiasm is infectious! After chatting with him, I just can’t wait to get started and I’m chomping at the bit!

You can check out Chris’s blog about his walk at


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