Equipment Wish List

I’ve got some equipment at home, but much of what I have is designed for family or car camping.  I need to get better lightweight equipment so that I don’t kill myself from the weight of everything I’m dragging along.  Some walkers I’ve talked to have said they managed to whittle it down to about 50 lbs. of stuff, one walker said it’s more like 70 lbs. of stuff.  And there is general agreement, the heavier your equipment is, the harder it is on your body and the more prone to injury you will be.

So, to that end, I’m listing up some equipment I will need to help make things safer for myself (assume everything I have on the list camping-wise needs to be lightweight as possible) and other equipment that will make my life easier.

Some people may not have extra money, but may have some cool equipment they never use anymore or maybe they tried it, but it didn’t work for them, but now they can’t take it back, or whatever.  If either of those sound like you, consider donating the equipment to me!  Donations of equipment mean I’ll have more money to put into my documentary!  Or, if you got some gift cards in your Christmas stockings to stores that sell the kind of stuff I need, you could consider re-gifting them to me!  Pretty pretty please?  That would be awesome!

What I need:

Camp stuff-

  • Two person tent
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Food canisters designed to keep bears away (see this link for reasons they’re necessary)
  • Odor proof bags for the same reason as the canisters
  • Camp stove & pot & fuel for stove
  • Solar battery charger

Clothing and shoes-

  • Smartwool socks–I absolutely adore them.  Merino wool is awesome.  Knee high socks, however (not just for Smartwool but for any brand) don’t work for me, as my calves are too large and they cut off circulation.  Crew are good in winter/spring/fall, and I love the mini socks in summer.
  • Lots and lots of shoes.  I estimate that I will go through 5-7 pairs of them.  Since one foot is a full size bigger than the other (I’ve got freaky feet–not only are they one full size difference, but they are also like aircraft carriers in width–I wear a 4E!), I really ought to get 10-14 pair–one of each size.  I tried using just one same-sized pair before and the smaller foot kept getting blisters from sliding, even with extra socks.  Got any gift cards to shoe stores?

Camera gear-

  • Canon EOS Rebel T3i  or a Canon EOS 60D or a Canon EOS 7D or…?  plus lenses, extra batteries, SD cards, etc.
  • A couple of digital voice recorders along the lines of this plus small lav-style microphones, rechargeable batteries, mini-SD cards, etc.
  • GoPro helmet/hat waterproof camera.


  • Bike trailer that can convert to a stroller-see this for examples
  • Postage–I will be mailing postcards (there are postcard stamps out there) plus I imagine I will be mailing lots of packages home of stuff I’m not using anymore as I refine what I’ve packed, hot summer weather means I can send my winter stuff home, and so on.
  • External hard drive to copy footage and photos taken during the trip.

If you have any of the above and would like to donate, please contact me!  Thank you soooo much!


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