It’s Just a Little Christmas Debauchery

Right now I feel like this bear--like a bump on a log.

I’m sitting here with my jeans unbuttoned after three days of not walking in a row, after having stuffed my face with Christmas goodies and feasted on a wonderful Christmas dinner and my daughter’s birthday cake (her birthday is Christmas Day) and I find myself wanting a drink of water.  But the kitchen faucet feels like it is oh soooo far away….Like, as in another continent away.  I look over my shoulder longingly towards the kitchen for a drink and feel way too damn lazy to get up and get it.

It’s amazing how three days of over-indulgence and no exercise makes a person feel like a complete blob so quickly.  I’m actually pretty surprised that I haven’t gained weight this holiday season.   According to the New York Times,  studies show most people gain a pound that sticks with them from year to year, so that over the years, the middle aged spread can be attributed mostly to holiday eating.  But for overweight folks (like myself), holiday overindulgence means we tend to pack on an extra five pounds during each holiday.  Wow.  So, I guess in the end I’m doing pretty good in comparison, because I lost all month and then held steady during the height of the holiday(s).  Not too shabby!

Today hasn’t been a complete loss, though.  I drove around earlier this evening (while I still had a teeny bit of energy) and checked out different school tracks.  I’ve always liked walking tracks, because it is easy to figure out the distance I’ve gone and easy to regulate my pace accordingly during training.  And, in the winter when the sun goes down so soon, walking a track in the dark is far less dangerous than attempting to walk the streets.  Up to this point, I’ve been walking my surrounding neighborhoods, but I thought it would be nice to find a place I didn’t mind walking if it got late, where I wouldn’t have to worry about a pothole I didn’t see killing my ankle, or worse, getting hit by a car.

I was a little disappointed by what I’ve found in my neighborhoods, though.  I find myself missing the track that I used to live literally four blocks away from.  It was fairly well lit and easily accessible.  When I was training for my walk in 2008/2009, I was working and going to school full-time both.  I had to squeeze in my walking time whenever I could, so often it was at night.  The track was a godsend.

None of the tracks in my zipcode are particularly close to me.  They aren’t well lit, and a couple of them were actually completely fenced off and locked up tighter than Fort Knox.  How unfriendly.  Two of them were completely dark, which I didn’t much care for at all.  Apparently the schools don’t want anybody but the kids to use the tracks, and only during school classes.  So I learned some things.  I’ve got a couple more places I plan to check out tomorrow.

Hopefully one of them is more up to snuff.

And tomorrow, it’s back on the wagon and walking yet again.  I think I’ll get up and go get that drink of water now.  No more holiday lazing about.  Maybe doing some chores will snap me out of it.  Ugh….

And yeah, the little comic to the left is terrible, but I can’t resist.  🙂  I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

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