7.86 Miles! Way to Kick the Holiday Doldrums in the Butt!

(And my German Shepherd is a super wuss.)

After feeling super lethargic yesterday due to all the holiday consumption and lack of movement/exercise, today I vowed to myself that I would kick ass.

I’m happy to report that I did.  I brought my Dante dog with me to Nadaka Park, which is a great park for walking dogs; it even comes with doggie bags and a receptacle to put the waste in.  The park is chock full o’ nature, what with the massive trees, ferns and other forest-like greenery all around.  Dante and I adore the place.

The trail loop at Nadaka is just over a quarter of a mile, if I’m doing my google map calculations correctly.  We walked the loop 17 times.  At first, Dante started out all eager, pulling at the leash and trying to lead the way (the whole “heel” concept is a work in progress).   By lap 13, he was poking along behind me, tongue lolling, with eyes that were looking up at me saying, “Come on.  Not another lap?”

There was about a 10 second interlude of excitedness on his part when, I suspect, he saw some sort of critter.  But that enthusiasm quickly waned.  It wasn’t until I turned back out of the park after the last lap (because it was getting too dark to walk and I was afraid I would break my ankle on the uneven trail), that he put on a burst of energy and practically dragged me to the car.  Unfortunately for him, that little energy jag used up the last little bit of his oomph, because he could barely summon the gumption to hop in the back of the car.

I wasn’t done walking yet, though.  I had searched some more tracks earlier today, and found one that looked promising.  I drove there, and I was elated.  It is fairly well lit–despite the cloud cover and rain and dark I could still see just fine–and it was easily accessible with no fence or locks keeping people out.   I walked another three miles there before I finally pooped out myself.  When I returned to the car, it was my turn to have a hard time getting back in, lol.

The toe on my right foot closest to the pinky ended up getting a blister, and I have a proto-blister ready to form on the the same toe on the opposite foot (dang it, forgot the moleskin again).  But it was worth it.  I feel great!  This is the farthest I’ve walked in one day since my trip in 2009.

Yay, me!

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