Today is My Birthday!

I’m officially an old bat and at 41 years old, marching ever closer to 50.  Last year, my dad re-gifted me a mug that I bought for him when he turned 40 (held onto that damn thing for 20 years jut to be able to give it back to me, drat him).  The mug says, “Forty isn’t old if you’re a tree.”  So at least in comparison to a tree, I’m still a sapling.  I knew he was going to give me that mug.  He was surprised I knew what was in the package before I opened it.  Then I pointed out to him I remembered seeing the mug shoved in the back of one of his cupboard shelves out of reach so he wouldn’t use it.  Now I guess I need to hold onto it for thirty years so I can give it to my daughter.  But that wouldn’t be as funny, since it wouldn’t be part of the joke.

Speaking of my daughter, she turned 10 on Christmas day.  She’s my youngest and she’s a double digit now!  I feel even older all of a sudden.  Anyhow, Willow tagged along with me today for my walk.  I walked five miles.  Willow managed to walk the first 2 1/2  miles along with me, too.  I was pretty impressed!  She did pretty well for a little girl who doesn’t get as much exercise as she should.

I don’t have much planned for today.  A John Wayne movie marathon (The Shootist, Hondo, Rio Bravo, and The Searchers and yes, the John Wayne movie marathon was MY idea) with the hubby, a nice stir fry dinner, and some red velvet cake for dessert and my birthday.  I love vegetable stir fries.  Yummy!  Especially when I don’t have to cook them.  🙂

However, because it is my birthday, I’m going to take a second and ask that you all remember me and my Kickstarter campaign I’ve got going for the documentary.  If you’re broke because of Christmas, that’s okay.  But please, the best present you can do is to share the link and also the link to this blog with your friends and family and badger them, er, I mean encourage them to donate and spread the word, too.  Tweet about it–I’m @hollybernabe on twitter.  Talk about me on facebook!  Stumbleupon my links.  Do all those fun little social media gizmos that are out there.  Let’s make this campaign viral!  That means talking to the people you know about what I’m doing, not just today, but reminding them every day (or nearly close to it) about what I’m doing and what the links are until the end of January, when my campaign ends.

If you could help me with that, that would be the most awesome birthday present ever.   And I kiss your feet in gratitude in advance.  Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday.
    I’m 66 years and still attempting to finish my walk across America (1351 miles so far). I also have met a least ten people who have walk across America. One actually ran across America..

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Jim! I’m sure you’ll complete your journey someday. It’s nice to have that as a goal, though, isn’t it? What will you do when you have completed it?

    I have corresponded with or spoken to on the phone a couple dozen individuals so far who have walked, run, and hiked across America. It is eye-opening to me to discover how many people have actually done it! It’s inspiring!

    You keep at it and keep the faith. 🙂

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