A few days ago, I walked six miles and I think maybe my sock was bunched up or something, because the top of one of my toes got rubbed weird.  It has never happened before, but it did and it rubbed so much that I ended up bruising my toe and under my toenail.  I thought my toenail was black, but after more carefully inspecting it the next day, it’s more like a dark mauve.  Such a lovely shade of pain.

Now, I’m no stranger to walking and pain.  Back in 2005 (or was it 2006? I’m not sure) I walked a half-marathon, which was about 3 miles farther than I had ever gone before.  I ended up rubbing my pinky toe so much it got a blister over the entire end of the toe, which lifted off my toenail.  That was painful.  But the next day I could walk and it didn’t really hurt all that much.

I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or because I’m getting to be more of a wuss (I don’t think so, because I still have a very high pain tolerance), but for some reason, this toe really freakin’ hurts!  It feels like my toe is twisting around sideways so that it is continually rubbing.  I walked about 2.5 miles outside today and it was majorly un-fun!

I’m going to try doing a little more on my treadmill in a bit after changing my socks and my shoes to my reserve pair and seeing if that helps any.  If not, I think it’s time to go to a shoe shop that specializes in fitting shoes properly.  Like at Fit Right NW, where they do video gait analysis for their customers.

I’ve been thinking I need to do that anyway, because I think my feet have changed shape since the last time I had it done.  My shoes are much more slipperier than they used to be and even with three pairs of socks on (which is one more pair than I normally wear), they wiggle around more in some spaces, yet feel more cramped in others (because I’m wearing 3 pairs of socks to avoid my feet slipping).

I was recommended New Balance 1123’s before.  I needed a shoe with a lot of support and motion control, since my feet tend to roll out pretty bad.  I also needed a shoe that would fit my orthotics AND be wide enough for my aircraft carrier-sized feet.  But, now that my feet are slipping around so much, I’m wondering if they have changed and if so, if a different shoe is in order.  Maybe they’ll recommend a shoe that’s a little less expensive than the 1123’s.  They were $159 a pop!  I just found a place online, though, where they are on sale for $102.  Not too bad!

Feet do change as we get older, especially for women.  Pregnancy can have a lot to do with it.  Indeed, after two pregnancies, my formerly D width size 8/9 (depending on the shoe) decided to go King Kong on me.  Now I wear a 9/10 (depending on the shoe).  In European sizing I went from a 37 to a 39.

The weird thing is, according to that metal sizing thingy the shoe shops have, I should be wearing a 7 on one foot and an 8 on the other, both a 4E width, not counting room for the orthotics.  One foot is literally a size bigger than the other one.  And, of course, no size 7 or size 8 shoe ever fits.  Ever.  Manufacturers never make their shoes to match that sizing thingamabob.  So what’s the point of it, I wonder?  Of course, that was a couple of years ago that I checked.  Who knows what size my feet are now?

Anyhow, the feet are changing, and I think I need new shoes.  It would probably help with the weird bruises/blisters.  We’ll see what they recommend.  And if I do need a different type of shoe, I likely need a different orthotic, too.  Youch.  Those don’t come cheap.


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