Yep. I Need New Shoes.

I stopped by Fit Right NW to show them my shoes and try to find out why my feet are all funny in my shoe.  I thought maybe my feet had changed, since they were slipping around more and I was getting injuries to the toes that I ordinarily didn’t get.

I thought I would need to get new shoes–maybe a different style or size (more likely size)–and it turns out I was right.  But only partially.  I don’t need new shoes because my feet have changed in a big way.  They have changed a little, but not enough to change my size, really.  No, I need new shoes because my shoes are worn out!

I tend to roll out on my left foot pretty badly, and the support and cushion there finally worn down enough that the foot was rolling again.  That’s why it felt like my toe was curling under.  It was rocking and hitting the side of the show every time my foot rolled out.  *face/palm*  I feel dumb.  I should have realized that, since I know how my ankle and foot like to behave.   And my shoes are looking a little worn, come to think of it.

Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have my size in at the moment, so the helpful sales guy (drat it, I forgot his name!) ordered a few pair of different shoes that all have similar support structures (I didn’t know that there were so many brands that all have the same kind of structure!) so I can try them on and see which I like best.  The nicest part out of all of this is that all of them run about $100, which is far more affordable than what my old pair was (by about 62%!).   Apparently New Balance, Asics, Saucony and Brooks all have a similar style of shoe that should work for me.  I just hope they all have nice roomy toe boxes like the New Balance does.

Shoes are going to be my number one expense for this trip, believe it or not.  At least for the non-film equipment anyway.  Please take a moment and check out my Kickstarter campaign for my documentary!

Yeah, shameless plug, I know.  🙂

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