A Black Toenail & It Ain’t Polished That Way!

The camera decided to autofocus on the moleskin and not the toe, but you get the idea.  Poor toe!  That black (dark purple, actually) nail is from it rubbing in the shoe the other day.  It’s going to take a long time for that to grow out/heal.


I need some new shoes, stat.  Still waiting on what I ordered at Fit Right NW.  Hopefully those will come in soon.  I think he said it might take a week or so.

I bought some off-the-shelf orthotics to see what they are like in comparison to my carbon fiber custom orthotics.  The off the shelf ones are made from foam.  My hubby used to have some foam orthotics that were customized for him, and he liked them well enough.  But they wore out quickly (and they were expensive).  These foam ones will wear out quickly, no doubt, but cost less than five bucks.  And since they aren’t custom, aren’t made specifically for my feet.

But oh my gosh, I feel like I’m walking on sponges.  So squishy!  Very nice.  The carbon fiber ones are hard with a little spring, but will last forever.  I’m thinking for standing around all day, the squishy foam ones will be nice.  I tested that theory out yesterday–we waited in a really long line for a while, and my feet were relatively comfy as compared to what they have been for my custom carbon fiber ones.  For walking jillions of miles, though, I hypothesize that my carbon fiber ones are probably better.  Tomorrow I plan to compare the foam with the carbon fiber for walking and see if my feet are more sore using the foam orthotics.

This last week I also tried out some new socks my mom got me for Christmas.  I’m a very big convert to merino wool socks and adore the Smartwool brand sport socks.  But they are very spendy and even harder to find.  So my mom got me some Carhartt socks that are a blend of merino wool and other materials instead.  I’m actually happier with the Carhartt fit–the sock seem more like my actual foot size and their elastic doesn’t strangle my ankle so much.  The elastic is much gentler.  They are a little more scratchy though, and don’t seem to keep their shape quite as well.  But the difference hasn’t been huge.  So, overall I’m happy to add them to my list of socks I like (and I’m picky about my socks)!

Trust me, good socks make a helluva difference on long walks.

9 thoughts on “A Black Toenail & It Ain’t Polished That Way!

  1. Hi, Jim! Glad to hear about your journey! In all the research I’ve done, I haven’t come across your name before. I just spent some time reading your blog, and you’ve got some wonderful stories on there. I’m curious to hear how your trip ended, though, because your blog stops after that giant Old Priest Hill and left me hangin’!

    Did you manage to succeed in your goal of helping to raise money for the hunger charity?

    I’ve never heard of Ecosox. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks for the tip!

    • The Old Priest Grade post was an afterthought. The blogspot site is a bit odd and puts things in weird order sometimes. The real ending piece was this one: http://walktofighthunger.blogspot.com/2011/07/like-man-says.html
      I did raise a bunch of money for Whyhunger but dont know how much. Whatever it was , its more than they had before. I just finished uploading a video to my Facebook page for my Kickstarter project. Good luck with yours. Ill be pledging something shortly.

      • I wondered about that. I read the first two or three months straight through, and it seemed like some of the stuff was out of order and I was a little confused. Now I understand why! (Some gorgeous photos, btw throughout the little jumps I did here and there in your blog. At some point I plan to go through and read all the rest of it, lol!)

        Yep-every little bit you can raise for charity helps. That is so true!

        I’ll be looking forward to the pledge, thanks! Be sure to leave your link to your own Kickstarter campaign. I’ll post it and twitter it for you!

      • Thank you. I will. And if you are on Facebook you can see all of my pics. The blog thing only had room for a few. This is so much fun. I’m 51 years old but feel like a kid again. Actually, I’ve never stopped feeling like a kid.
        The reason the blog stuff is the length it is in most cases is so it would fit in my local newspaper column. They usually only have room for 500-600 words, ( I was sending dispatches from the road, a la Ernie Pyle). They did run my Joplin piece in its entirety. I look forward to communicating more with you, if you like. Im all about being encouraging!

      • Ive been wearing them all the time now. I also had some really thick wicking socks from a place called Sports Authority that were about 7 bucks a pair. I was in so many rainstorms and when my feet got soaked those socks were unbelievable. My feet felt wet and sloggy but werent at all.

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