More Walkers & Runners Come Out of the Woodwork

This last week, through other people who have crossed America, I have learned about a few other people who have done the same, as well as a couple of people who have contacted me because they plan to this year.

Zoe Romano ran solo across America last year, raising money for the Boys & Girls Club.  She started her trip January in Huntington Beach, CA and finished in June in Charleston, SC.  Her hometown of Portland, Maine was so proud of her, the mayor gave her the key to the city and declared June 3rd as “Zoe Goes Running Day.”  Isn’t that awesome?

George Throop is a passionate, spiritual guy who lost his mother to cancer while he was still a child.  As a result, as an adult he has decided to walk across America to inspire people to walk and take other steps to prevent cancer, since many cancer deaths are preventable, if the right steps are taken.  George started his walk in October of 2009 and has been working on it in bits and starts ever since. Just last month, he was walking through Texas!

Mikey Tittinger created the Onny and Oboe Scholarship Fund to “help families directly affected by a heart transplant pursue post-secondary education. A second chance to live is a second chance to dream,” as his website says.  Last year, he started San Francisco, CA in June and finished his walk in Ocean City, NJ.  His website is witty and full of insight.

Kait Whistler Seyal and John M. Seyal are walking across America this year, beginning in Delaware in March.  They plan to roughly follow the American Discovery Trail.  Their walk will involve their lovely canine companions Max and Grace.  The four-legged friends have been certified by Therapy Dogs International and will be making visits to hospitals and such with their humans to help promote the healing of the patients there.  I’m sure the patients are in for a treat!  Good luck Kait and John!

Kurt Spencer of the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Foundation is also planning a fundraising walk across America this year.  I believe he is still in the planning stages, so as I learn more, I’ll be sure to update you and give you all the links!

These are all incredibly dedicated people with big hearts.  The greatest gesture of support you can give them is with your wallet.  Donate to their causes, or donate to them.  Most have donate buttons on their websites, or they tell you where you can go to donate.  And don’t forget my donate button, which is to the left of this column!  If you can’t afford to donate, the second greatest gesture of support is to spread the word about us–what we’ve done and are planning on doing.  Thanks!

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