Adventures With Shoes…In the Rain

The shoes I ordered from Fit Right NW came in, so I went out there to try them on.  Getting out there proved to be a very wet endeavor, as I thought the bus stop I needed was much closer and it was raining.   Then, I got off at the wrong stop, too, so I ended up walking quite a bit more than I had intended.  The walking I didn’t mind.  The rain I did.  I ended up being thoroughly soaked before I ever made it to the store.

(No, I didn’t have an umbrella.  Umbrellas and I are mortal enemies, and I tend to banish them to the realm of Lost Things as soon as I possibly can.  I exiled two umbrellas in this manner just this last year.  I think this realm is also inhabited by various pairs of sunglasses, some keys, and many many socks who all thought they should dare enter my presence.)

Anyhow, soaked through and dripping, I tried on these shoes that I have been waiting for.  Unfortunately, neither pair worked for my giant flipper feet.  Sigh.  I decided to jaunt on over to Pacesetter Athletic and see what they might have.

If I had any hope of getting or staying dry, going there was not the way to do it.  One of the bus transfers I took meant that I had to stay on this one corner, where there was a giant lake of rainwater.  Of course, drivers zoomed through, creating wonderful rooster tails that ended up soaking me even worse.  I tried to hide around the corner and peek around just enough so that I could see if the bus was coming, but people who were going fast could still spray me with very cold water, even around the corner!  (And if you ask me why I just didn’t walk to the next bus stop down the street I’ll Gibbs Smack you.  Actually, somebody needs to Gibbs Smack me, because I didn’t think of it until just now.)

So, after what seemed like an eternity of continually getting drenched, I hopped on the bus and took it to where I remembered Pacesetter to be.  I bought shoes there several years ago before my body re-tooled my feet from gunboat size to aircraft carrier size, and they were really cool.

It wasn’t there!  The. Store. Wasn’t. There.

At this point, I’m FREEZING, soaked to the core, and there is no store.  I’m frustrated, to say the least.  I ended up going into the restaurant/bar next to where the store used to be and I moped inside there for a while, attempting to warm up a teensy bit before I braved the rain once more.

On the off chance the waitress might know where her neighbor store moved to, I asked her.  Lucky me, she knew where it was!  And the store had moved only few blocks away!  Yay!

So, I walked to the store.  A very very nice woman there named Georgia spent more than an hour trying to find some shoes that would work for me.  We tried on so many different pairs.  I have to have a very specific type of shoe, since I’m a reeeally bad supinator with my left foot and, of course, I wear a 4E width. Fun fun!

In the end, she recommended that I get the same kind of shoe I already have, which is the New Balance 1123.  They don’t carry those, unfortunately, and I would have to order them.  Fit Right NW was the same way.

I was not able to get new shoes today, but at least I know that all the other shoes that are supposed to offer the same support that my NB shoes offer won’t work for me.  So today wasn’t a complete loss.  Thanks, Georgia!

After I left the store, I stopped by Bike Gallery, too, to find out more about bike cart/strollers and customization and talked to some really neat folks about the trip, too. I got some great advice!

Then, when I went to wait for the bus, I witnessed a car accident.  A car hit a guy on a bike.  He went flying!  I rushed over there, and lots of other people did, too.  The rider was in a lot of pain and everyone was crowded around him and directing traffic around.  The driver of the car just looked mortified and sooo upset.  She kept saying, “I didn’t see him, I didn’t see him!”  I felt bad for her.  The rider, too, of course.  I sure hope he’s okay.  And I hope someone dr0ve the woman home, because she was pretty shaken.

So an interesting, weird, wet day.  I’m still trying to thaw out from being soaked for so long….

12 thoughts on “Adventures With Shoes…In the Rain

  1. I made my entire trip with 3 pairs of shoes, all New Balance walking shoes/ They really are the best and most affordable. My cart was a Runabout Stroller, modified for this purpose, from a company in Oregon. Lifetime guarantee and flatproof tires. Roger Berg, at
    I suspect that there are other strollers that would do the trick as well, but this was my biggest expense.
    I had an umbrella when i started but as soon as the first wind of more than breeze strength hit I tossed it. I had a cheap rain poncho from Coleman that was worthless in windy rain as well and ended up with 20 dollar rainsuit from walmart. THAT was worth the money

  2. Yup. I’ve been a New Balance lover for a looong time. So much room in the toe boxes!

    Does Roger Berg have a website? I suppose I can email him, but I like to see a little of what he’s about before I do. I saw your cart, but I would like more “product” pictures so I can get a better gander at it, if that makes sense.

    I do have a bright red rain poncho, which I use when I know I’m going for a long walk in the rain. I don’t have a rain suit, since it is so hard to find one in my size. I’m sure that as I shrink, I’ll be able to find a cheap, suitable rain suit no problem!

  3. is the site. is his email. hes pretty prompt about answering questions.
    I had a rain poncho, yellow, worthless in windy rain. It kept blowing up and all over the place. My rain suit was a hassle bjut there were a few days it saved me from pneumonia, Im sure.
    The cart, by the way, is the same model that MAtt Green used and his picture is on his blog Im Just walking, which you have a link to. I left mine in California, Mammoth Lakes, to be exact, at a friends house. It still had a lot of life left if you want it. The tires were in good shape, better than I expected.

    • Thanks for the info! The guy’s address is in Aloha! I’ll have to see if I can go visit him.

      My poncho stayed on okay while I was walking in 2009 because I wore an amphipod over it. My lower pant legs got wet, though, but that is more from my shoes kicking water up onto my pants. Water repellant pants would have been nice.

  4. Also, I wpodl highly recommend you get your sneakers in a size to size and a half bigger than you normally wear, to allow for: bigger socks and swollen feet. There wont be slippage once you get them broken in. Also, a pair of gel insoles are really a good idea. i had one pair and just swapped them from pair to pair, takng the oriiginals out. I still have the gels, actually. Another thing Id recommend is a solar panel charging device for you r cell phone. They arent too expensive and can save your life, ;literally. I also got a couple of extra batteries which I kept charged.

  5. Yeah, my sneakers are a bit big for me for that very reason. Also, I have the solar charger on my list of things to get. So I’m with ya on that!

    I want to find some flat sorbothane insoles. But so far they are all contoured and don’t work with my orthotics (not to mention are designed for standard width feet–a problem I’ve had with pretty much any off-the-shelf insole). Sorbothane is the most shock-absorbing substance I’ve heard of! Have you heard about it? I saw a thing on it way back when, and a guy put a slab of it on his hand, then a big hefty guy with a sledgehammer smashed his hand, but his hand was completely uninjured. The sorbothane absorbed all the shock. Now I could see this as being very handy (no pun intended) over a very long trip…

    • I had not heard of sorbothane before. The demonstration with the sledge sounds fishy, only if it seems to me that while the slab of stuff might absorb shock etc, the force and weight wold do SOME damage…..
      I used Dr Sholes gels and found them comfortable enough. Make no mistake–your feet are going to hurt. I actually still have numbness in the balls of mine that is likely to be permanent, but its okay. I did buy some other smaller gels at Walmart but never liked them. They looked like implants and moved around too much.

      • I know, you would think that. wouldn’t you? When I watched it, I kept thinking, but but but… But the force of the blow is what it is absorbing, since that is, well, shock. As for the weight…I dunno. But, it was pretty amazing. I wonder if I can find all that old info and video? It was interesting. Now I’m curious. I’ll have to do a search. 🙂

      • Ironically, they make a sledgehammer out of sorbothane
        I had foot problems for most of my walk but it wasnt from the pounding, but I kept getting bad bad blisters. I actually had blisters on the balls of my feet that, because I was stubborn and dealt with the pain, just kept getitng bigger, at one point coming all the way up between my big and second toes to the top of my foot. There was a 5 day stretch in kansas where I was painfree in the foot area (which was good because the heat and massive hailstorms were enough to deal with.

    • Yup, btdt with the blisters. I had a really nice one in 2009 that did the exact same thing you’re describing. Youch.

      I found the video about sorbothane I was talking about! Of course, I remembered it being a sledgehammer and it’s really just a mallet. But it was an NFL football player who was smashing him!

      This stuff is fun! I’ve tried the sorbothane soles and they don’t fit my feet right. I’m thinking about contacting the company and seeing if they can make some for me. That would be awesome!

      • I had some, now that I see what they look like. The didnt fit me either, so I ditched them. I have feet like a duck, so…..and thanks for the video. The good doctor didnt wince but I did.

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