The Training is Paying Off In More Ways Than One

The training is paying off in more ways than one!  In addition to extending number of miles I am able to walk, I’m getting lots of other wonderful benefits!  For example, I hopped on the scale this morning, and was surprised to find that I have lost 28 pounds since I started training, and 33 pounds overall.

Better yet, today I am the exact weight I was in 2008 when I first decided that I would walk across America, before I started training in my trip in 2008.  I lost weight and a number of clothing sizes during my trip and during the training, only to regain that plus a lot more because of the sudden stress of my husband’s medical problems.   To put it mildly, I had a freak out when he went on dialysis.  I didn’t handle the stress well at all.  I gained 60 lbs. over the course of a year and a half.  So, I’m back to where I started, oh so long ago.  Only, when I was this weight then, I couldn’t walk 8 miles!  So, that’s a happy thought for me.

I feel lighter than I have in ages, have more energy and stamina, and even though I know that I am still fat by any measure (BMI & body fat percentages, etc.), I don’t FEEL fat.  I feel positively skinny!

Sometimes I think skinny is a mindset–that confidence, that energy, the way you carry yourself.  I’m feeling the skinny, for sure.  Or, maybe more accurately, I’m describing what it feels to be healthy.  Maybe part of it is because I’m not in as much pain anymore, I’m getting better rest, which reflects on my mood and outlook–the benefits of shedding the weight when you are my size add up really quickly.  Not to mention, jeans I hadn’t been able to wear for a long time I started wearing again and now they are getting loose, too!

So, yeah.  I feel good!

4 thoughts on “The Training is Paying Off In More Ways Than One

  1. Keep it up!!!! I was 355 when i started training, and when i left 18 months later I was 70 lbs lighter. I thought the walk would take off another 50 lbs but I only took off about 20 more. I discovered that when you are walking all day you burn roughly 5000 calories, so you need to be eating small snacks all the time, and as a result you dont lose as much weight as youd think.But you are so right about feeling better. I was the healthiest 270 pound person I knew. Nice work!!!

  2. Hi Holly
    It has been a few days since I have emailed you. It is only 39 days untill
    i start my walk. I have changed my route a little bit, in fact it will be a lot better than my original time line.
    In two weeks if the weather holds up, i will be doing a training day for my walk. Our church has a camp ground behind it, it has the same type of terrain that will be on the trail. I plan on setting up my tent, learn more about my equiptment i have and also want to walk at least 10 miles . I will keep you up to date.

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