Got Some New Shoes Today

Micah and I took the Max out to Clackamas Town Center today.  We were on a mission.  To get me some new shoes.  Yup.  That was the mission.  Simple, really, since I have purchased the New Balance 1123’s from Jays Wide Shoes on Clackamas Promenade before and they keep my info in the computer so they can refer to it the next time I come in.

But…the mission wasn’t quite that simple.  It decided to rain.  Light sprinkles at first, and then it really started coming down by the time we got off at the end of the Max line and our stop.  That wasn’t fun, but it was tolerable.  After all, I was on a mission.

We detoured at REI.  I forgot that there was a new location at the mall (well, new to me–I don’t go to Clackamas all that often, so since they’ve done all that remodeling and stuff a few years or so ago, to me it’s like a whole new mall!).  So I figured since we were out there anyway, I should check out some products that I’ve been researching for the trip on the internet.  I wanted to see them in person and play with them a little bit.  The saleslady who helped me, Sandra (that’s pronounced Sah-ndra, not San-dra, like gritty stuff at the beach), was very nice and encouraging and helpful.  She was cool.  Anyway, there was so much neat stuff!  Poor Micah.  He practically had to drag me out of there, me being the now-drooling crazy woman that I am.

Then, of course, there is the little factoid that my shoe, the shoe that is like the only type of shoe on the whole bleepin’ planet that works for my feet*, is being discontinued.  The online shopping and checking around of prices that I mentioned in one of my previous posts?  Turns out they were so much cheaper because they were closeout prices and several of the companies offering the nice discounts didn’t have my size anymore.  Gah!

I was very nervous Jays Wide Shoes would be out.  They did, in fact, have a few pair left!  Score!  Ian Schroeder, the gentleman who helped me, was very sweet and helpful, too.  One of the people there (I think she’s the manager?) remembered that I tried walking across America back in 2009!  So we all chatted about it.

I love this store!  They gave me a little discount to help me out (that was on top of the already marked down clearance price!) and even gave me a bottle of Meltonian Water and Stain Protector for my shoes.  Thank you so much, Jays!

I can now get back into my distance training in earnest!  No more hurting tootsies!  Yes!  So after a bucket or two of rain, a detour, and some worries,  mission finally accomplished!

*New Balance is coming out with a new model to replace the old one, fortunately.  I tried on the men’s version, and it seems to fit okay.  It’s got a little more cush in the ball of the foot, but it grips the Achilles differently and rubs a little.  Not sure if it’s because it’s the men’s version or whether it will be a problem in the long run, or not.  So I want to try to buy up as many of the older model shoes as I can while I can.

One thought on “Got Some New Shoes Today

  1. My husband gleefully pointed out that our mission was also set back temporarily on our way to the mall when riding the Max. This also was because of me. I got us off at the wrong stop! But we got back on the next train as soon as I realized my mistake. Sigh.

    This certainly didn’t help our attempts to stay dry. I’m never going to live that down, lol.

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