Gary Mitchell

A gentleman reading my blog contacted me recently.  His name is Gary Mitchell.  Apparently, he had a bout with thyroid cancer back in ’95 and was victorious.  He attempted to do a 50 mile walk in West Virginia to raise money for cancer research in 2008, but couldn’t finish the walk.  Apparently, he had a heart murmur that he didn’t know about.

Starting April 19th, he’s trying again.  He’s raising money for the Harrison County Relay for Life.   He tells me in his email that his walk will be 120 miles altogether.

Gary doesn’t have a website, but if you’re interested in Gary’s story, would like to sponsor him or donate to cancer research, you can call him at 304-622-1834.

Good luck, Gary!

UPDATE:  Gary emailed me to let me know he just started a blog.  You can find it here.  You can also email him at:

UPDATE #2: Gary has decided to take an extra day for his walk, so he will be leaving on April 18th, instead of April 19th.


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