Kickstarter Campaign Drawing to a Close

I would like to remind everyone that my Kickstarter campaign, which is seeking donation pledges for my documentary, will be drawing to a close in just a few short days.  I urge everyone to take a couple of minutes to check it out, donate, and beat your friends about the head until they donate, too.  Er, I mean kindly encourage your friends and family to donate.  You can find the link to my campaign here.

The thing I would like to point out is that with Kickstarter, if I don’t meet my goal (which is $5,000), I don’t get any of the money.  Your cards are never charged, and I never get it.  So I have to meet the goal in order to get it.

This means that I have a long was to go in a very short time span to do it.  In some ways, it is as if Kickstarter was made for the people who like to put things off until the last minute, and they suddenly come out of the woodwork and donate as they realize, “Oh my goodness! It’s time!”

I’m going to ask you a favor.  Please don’t do that.  Donate, if you can, now rather than the last day.  Save my poor heart!  Each day this campaign continues, my heart beats louder and harder until I just think it’s going to burst from nervousness!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my poor, beleaguered heart, those of you who have donated already.

And in case you are in your pajamas, having a lazy day and lifting your hand to move the mouse around to scroll back up this post for the link is feeling a lot like work, I’ll save you the trouble.  Here’s that nifty link for you again right here.  🙂

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