8.15 Miles and an Unexpected Walking Partner

Ze old scungy shoes.

So I have a new distance best since I’ve started training again.  I walked over eight miles yesterday!  Whoot!  I’m actually quite proud of that, because since my shoes got all wonky from over-use, I haven’t been able to really do my distance training for fear of injuring my foot worse than it already was.  I’ve only been able to do some maintenance miles to see to it I keep up with my exercise, but I haven’t really been able to expand on my distance.

After I got home last night, out of curiosity I checked out my mileage log to see the last time I did some distance.  I was thinking it was only a couple of weeks ago.  WRONG!  It was the end of December!  Almost a month! Whoa–I didn’t realize it had been that long.  So I was way overdue to do some distance.

The pretty new shoes. So nice!

I did a couple of shorter walks this week after I got my shoes–a four miler and a couple of miles here and there, just to break my new shoes in a bit.  But yesterday I was feeling good, it was a beautiful sunny day, and I thought why not?

(If you look at the difference between the two pairs of shoes, it looks like somebody took a magic wand and went *POOF!* and made the old shoes new again.  I wish I could do that!  It would save me lots and lots o’ money, let me tell you!)

I can tell it’s been almost a month since I’ve done some more serious mileage.  My hip was pretty sore and my muscles are sore today.  But I’m pretty happy with it!  Only one small blister, and I think that’s not too bad, since I wanted to see how I would do with a thinner pair of socks this time around.  Next time I’ll wear thicker socks and I don’t think that will be an issue so much.  That and the moleskin.  I need to buy stock in that or something.

During my walk yesterday, though, I got a hug from a stranger!  That was pretty cool.  I was walking and a woman was waiting for the bus.  By this time it was dark, and I was walking along 82nd, which is pretty well lit by the streetlights. Anyway, she saw me walking and started following me.  She finally caught up with me after a bit and matched my stride and asked me if I missed the bus.  I said no, I was just walking  because I wanted to and that I had already walked over six miles.  She asked why so far and whether I did that every day, and I explained to her that I was training.  She asked me what for and I told her about the trip I was planning.  Her eyes just got really big with amazement and she flashed a beautiful smile that just warmed my heart!

We chatted for a bit as we walked together for several blocks.  Instead of taking the bus to where she was going to transfer, she instead walked with me the distance to where the bus would have met up with her transfer and she stopped then.  I thought that was pretty neat that she did that.  I don’t recall exactly what she said her name was.  Miranda?  Dangit, I wish I was better with names.  Anyway, as a parting goodbye, I gave her my information about the blog so she could follow it and she gave me a hug, which I didn’t expect at all.

I suppose I ought to get used to it, eh?


8 thoughts on “8.15 Miles and an Unexpected Walking Partner

  1. Keep plugging away!!! I used to do simple math figuring–if I walk 2.5 miles per hour for just 4 hours, Ive gone 10 miles, so in an 8 hour walking day…twenty miles. It creeps up on you, in a good way. I didnt do ANY walking while training…just hours on an elliptical machine at the gym, burning almost 2500 calories and doing 12-17 miles per day on it. While that method built up my stamina amazingly well, it didnt help get my feet ready, so in hindsight I would do a bit of walking as well. IN the end, once I started my walk, I averaged about 22 miles a day, but my feet hurt at incredible levels. Some days it was so bad I only did 10 miles, but other days I did 30 or more miles to make up some distance. If you have no set end time, then you wont have the pressure to keep going when you are injured, as I did. I wanted to be done by a certain date, but didnt make it. If I were to do it again, (and I might) Id do it slower. The adventures and stories will come to you. Keep going!!!

    • Thanks, Jim! I don’t mind you commenting a lot at all. It lets me know people care and want to help. 🙂

      The elliptical machines don’t work for me. Something about them makes my feet go numb within about 15 minutes. I’m fine on treadmills, upright bikes, rowing machines, and stairclimbers (though now that I’m getting older stairclimbers kill my knees), but the elliptical machines and the recumbent bikes cause me to go numb. Something to do with the position of my legs and my nerves, I’m guessing.

      I’ve got a treadmill at home that I use, though, when it’s too nasty outside. So I’ve got no excuses not to train. Drat it, lol.

  2. Hi Holly
    Way to go Girl, That is really great. In my training I am am able to walk a mile and a half an 45-50 minutes.
    I have a web site and I will give it you and anyone who wants look at it.

    Keep up the good work.
    Gary Mitchell

  3. Thanks! I can use all the support I can get!

    Some days, when it is yicky and rainy and cloudy/dark outside, I don’t want to crawl out of my nice warm bed–I just want to lay there and enjoy my covers. I love my bedspread. My mom got it for me for my birthday/Christmas (I don’t remember which, they’re four days apart, lol) and that thing is the most cushy, warm, comforty thing on the planet. I don’t ever want to leave it. Leaving it behind on the walk in favor of a *shudder* sleeping bag is going to be almost as hard as leaving my kiddos behind. Maybe harder, lol!

    • I used a sleeping bag, and my aunt had kindly sent me a thin air mattress that was basically self inflating. That was wonderful. it was only a couple inches thick but I am a big guy and the hard ground was painful at times. I bought a tent but only used it about ten times, then learned to find park pavilions, churchyards, awnings etc and really got a great appreciation for sleeping outside under stars. I did stay in motels about a third of the time, which allowed me showers, tv, and a quiet place to write and have internet. I wasnt going to use motels at all but found that it was almost necessary. Only one single time did anyone offer to put me up at their home, but it was early in the walk, and in the day, and I wanted to get further than had so I declined.

  4. From reading the blogs of other folks who walked, having people offer them their homes wasn’t horribly unusual. But often that was the result of the walker asking if they minded if they pitched their tent in their yard/pasture for the night. When the property owner asked why, they would get into a conversation, owner would be fascinated and invite them in. We’ll see how well that works for me.

    I like the stars, but I also like my privacy when it comes time to change and stuff like that. So I imagine I’ll probably use the tent more often than not.

    Hotels just aren’t in my budget for the most part. If I’m absolutely desperate for a shower, I’ll go to a YWCA/YMCA. If I can’t find one, I’ll settle for a gym. $8-10 for a day at the gym is a heckuva lot cheaper than most hotels. Truck stops are okay, too, but I mostly want to avoid truck routes if I can.

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