Wool Is Awesome!

Sheep! Gotta love the wool! (I wonder why this one is wearing a red collar?) From http://free.clipartof.com/details/54-Free-Cartoon-Sheep-Clipart-Illustration

Wednesday I got to try out a wool jacket I bought off ebay.  It’s a plus-size plum-colored Lands End 100% wool jacket.  It’s beautiful!  I wore it and even though it is thinner than my ancient fleece jacket, it kept me very toasty.  So toasty, in fact, I ended up leaving the jacket open!

I’m a total wool convert ever since my experience with my Smartwool socks kept my feet warm after getting soaked on a cold, rainy day.  The rest of me was frozen, but my feet were very comfortable.

I’ve been slowly snapping up the wool things when I can find them to fit me.  I picked up a  pair of wool glove liners (that are fine as gloves by themselves on not too cold days and a pair of wool gloves with thinsulate that are SO warm, they are definitely for very cold weather.  I found a wool cardigan at a thrift store and another mock turtleneck wool sweater on ebay for a few bucks.  Now I just need to find some wool long johns for my legs, and I’ll be set for staying warm on nasty weather days!

Wool’s great until dealing with a windchill factor.  I’m not sure how well it stacks up against rain/snow  with wind!  I wish I could find a better fitting lightweight wind and water-repellent jacket.  That goretex jacket that I have is just a beast!  I don’t like it much, because it is big and bulky and doesn’t fit me right (men’s size 3X, since I couldn’t find any goretex ladies plus sizes beyond 2X, and therefore the sleeves are waaaay too long).  All winter, even on the snowy or wet days, I haven’t worn it and instead favored layers upon layers.  If I got wet, I got cold, as I experienced on this day.  The wool will help combat that problem for sure.  But in high wind? I think I’ll still freeze if I’m only wearing the wool layers.  Looks like I should probably bring the big jacket along for just in case scenarios when walking over the mountain ranges.  Bleah.

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