Spring Has Sprung!

Sweet daphne, one of my favorite stinky shrubs.

Yesterday the weather was so incredibly beautiful, I just HAD to get out there and walk.  I love walking in the springtime.  Plants are awakening, flowers bloom, and beautiful scents lace the air.  I love the smell of daphne, in particular.  My wool sweater was more than enough to keep me warm.  I walked three miles to the Max station on Holgate and then took the train out to the Hollywood Transit Center.

As I walked a few miles along the streets of the Hollywood district, I totally enjoyed gazing at all the giant houses and beautifully kept yards.  I love this neighborhood.  It has this wonderfully old yet well-loved feel.  These houses weren’t built in tract-home style.  Each one is very individualistic and a piece of art in it’s own right.  As I walked past these beauties, I imagined what it would be like living in them.  We’ve rented apartments or duplexes pretty much our whole marriage, so living in a house–maybe even one of these–is a some-day goal.

It felt so good to be outside!  The fresh air, the sunshine, the sound of mowers cutting the grass, the occasional dog bark, and children playing during spring break–it can’t get much better than that.  Spring has always encouraged a feel-good sense of being in me.  But it certainly helps when that is accompanied by eating right, getting exercise and in my case, losing weight.  I’ve lost over 45 pounds so far!  My clothes are getting looser.  I feel great! Lots of energy.

I wanted to keep walking, but I had agreed to participate in a script table reading, so I walked to it.  While I was sad my walk had to end, I thoroughly enjoyed the reading.  Afterward, I walked to another Max station and headed home.  It was a beautiful evening,  and I had a long, satisfying day.

Funny thing about Oregon weather.  Two days ago, it was snowing.


3 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Crazy weather, no? Two days ago I left the house bundled in snow gear, trudging through 3 inches of the stuff; yesterday I went out without a jacket and scarf for the first time in 5 months! I’m anxiously awaiting the aromas of spring; everything blooms a little later out our way. Congrats on the weight-loss goal.

  2. Your weather in Oregon sounds just like ours in Ohio. Usually, we can swap snow for sun at a moments notice. This winter has been unseasonably warm.
    As for those houses–I totally know what you mean. They each have their own design. Their own character. I do own a home, but it doesn’t have the character you are talking about. But I still love it.

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