Walking With My Sweetie

This week, my husband Micah joined me for some of my walks, since he wants to get into better shape so that he will better qualify for a kidney transplant.  Since he’s lost his leg, he’s lost a lot of his physical ability.  But even more so once he went on dialysis.  He wasn’t walking much or being very active because he was having difficulty with his balance and endurance due to his health problems.  But then, his health problems were getting worse because he wasn’t active.  So his muscles have atrophied and his strength, endurance and balance have suffered enormously.  It’s like he just started wasting away.  The whole problem is this giant vicious circle.

Take that, vicious circle!!

We’ve determined that we want to smash out of that circle.  The doctors are encouraging him to get exercise, and walking is one of the mildest forms.  We don’t have access to a swimming pool, or else he would probably swim, too.  He loves swimming.

So he’s walking with me now.  When he walks, his stump starts to swell if he’s walking for too long.  But just in one week he’s managed to go from 2.5 miles to 3.28 miles at a time.  So good for him!  I’m proud of him.  He’s making progress.

Yesterday, it was very pretty and mixed sunshine and clouds when we left our apartment.  We were walking the Dante dog, and enjoying ourselves.  (Dante is having lots of fun with our walks.  He gets sooo excited!  His pack is going out together and he couldn’t be happier.)  Then more clouds rolled in.  It started to sprinkle a bit.   Then it started to pour.  We came to a corner where we could have started back for home.  I looked at Micah with an eyebrow raised and that “well, what do you want to do?” question in my eyes.  He looked at me and said, “Oh well, what’s a little rain?  I don’t mind walking in it.”  We proceeded to cross the street and continued on, away from our home.  I was very proud of him for that.

Then today, it was raining from the moment we left the house.  We went about 2.5 miles, and he was starting to peter out and was thinking about taking a quicker way home.  The way we had originally planned was a few blocks farther than the more direct route.  Finally he said, “Aw, hell with it.  Let’s stick with the plan.”  I was proud of him for that, too.

Oh, on a side note–I love my wool.  I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about it.  But I just have to say that I was wearing a wool sweater and a wool jacket and I was toasty warm and dry the whole time out in that rain.  By the time I got home, my wool jacket was soaked through, but I was still warm.  Not to mention, it dried overnight, so I could wear it again today, while my husband’s coat was still a little damp.

And on another side note–I’ve lost 48 pounds!  I’m pretty happy about that.  My favorite pair of jeans I couldn’t even put on 6 months ago.  Now they are so loose I can pull them off my hips without unbuttoning or unzipping them.  Way cool!  I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe soon.  🙂

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