Busy Busy

I just realized that I haven’t posted in over a week!  My apologies for that.  I’ve been super busy, since we are getting ready for a move.  Our family is moving in with my Dad.

In this crappy economy, it is a money-saving attempt on both our sides.  It helps my dad pay his mortgage (since we would be spending money on rent anyway, why not help pay down his house?) and our rent and utility costs will go down a bit.   This means we can save more money for my trip and also get some things we’ve been needing for a while.  I’ve been needing a new pair of glasses.  (I accidentally flushed mine down a public loo a couple of years ago and haven’t gotten around to replacing them yet.  You can read about that exciting story here.)

Willow has no problem balancing "girlie girl" and "tough chick" personas. Here, she's about to whack somebody with a boffer, all the while wearing dress up high heels. But in the background of the pic, you can see the pretty little coffee shop across from my Dad's house.

Living with my dad will be hard because of the cramped quarters, but it does have it’s advantages.  My dad lives in an awesome neighborhood and is close to all sorts of really neat stuff.  And I like walking in the neighborhoods near his house, because they are chock full of charming and beautiful old houses that I like to drool over and dream about.  There are parks and schools aplenty nearby that Willow can play at and the neighborhood vibe is very artsy and hip.  Across the street from my dad’s house is a store from the 1880’s that a very nice couple  put a LOT of sweat equity into and fixed up into a cute little coffee shop that has since been seen on Portlandia.  They’ve got really good tea and coffee there.

So, while I seriously hate moving and all that, I think the move will be good for us.

Apologies in advance, though.  I suspect while I’m doing all this packing, organizing, and cleaning, my posts are going to be sporadic over the next couple of weeks.

And I’ve got some cool news to share, but I’ll have to save that for later and another post.


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