Portland Walking About

This. This here. This is why I love Portland so much. Portland is weird.

Because I’m not walking across America this year, I knew I needed to change direction.  I needed to do something that will keep me physically ready, keep me planning, and keep me engaged.  I also needed something that would catch people’s interest and make them ask questions.

Thus, I’ve decided to do a variation of what Matt Green is doing in New York City.  I plan to walk 2000 miles in Portland by the end of the year.  To succeed, I will need to average 8.4 miles every day.  Whoa.  I’ve already started on this, using May 7th as my start date, because that was the first day I felt I was able to after our mondo move.  Last month we were so swamped with everything and the first week of this month we were unpacking.  I felt it was cheating to use any of my training mileage from earlier this year, since I hadn’t announced that intention.  So it doesn’t count.

But starting on Monday seemed like a natural thing to do.  I didn’t pull our daughter out of school to attend a new school in our new neighborhood, because it’s such a silly thing to do so close to the end of the school year.  It would be far too disruptive.  Willow’s teacher and the folks in the school’s office agreed.  So we elected to drop her off and pick her up.  She can start the new school next year.

I decided to walk to Willow’s school, which is approximately 6.5 miles away.  (If I go directly, it’s more like 5.5 miles, but I never go directly.  Walking like a bee flies is far more fun and interesting!)  So far, I have yet to make it all the way to Willow’s school before hopping on Tri-met, because I do so much buzzing about around the side streets, having fun, and taking photos, that I rack up more mileage than call-girls do when the Navy comes into Portland for the Rose Festival.  Oh, wait.  Wrong kind of mileage.  More mileage than Dale Earnhardt at Daytona.  Eh, close enough.

Anyhow, each day that I walk, I will be wearing my trusty pedometer and tracking my mileage.  I’ll be posting my progress from week to week, and you can make fun of cheer my progress!  Please note the Portland Walkabout page tab label.  Check it out ever so often and let the numbers dazzle you!*  Once school is out, I’ll be walking all over the place here in Portland.

So why am I doing this?  As I said, I want to continue with my physical training.  But, also, I want to work with the National Kidney Foundation and the Kidney Walk.  I will be discussing that more in-depth later.

*If anybody wants to get me a cool giftie, they could get me one of those pedometers that has the whole GPS thingy that keeps track of your route and uploads it to the computer, tracks your pace, the number of steps you take, your mileage, and reminds you when you need to pee, etc.  But then, that’s super Big Brother 1984-ish, so maybe I don’t want that after all.


2 thoughts on “Portland Walking About

    • I have heard of them. I keep meaning to go to one of their meetings, but my schedule keeps getting in conflict. I would like to check them out one these days, though. Seems like a nice group of people, from the email I’ve sent to them in the past.

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