Friday (Oops–More Like Saturday) Follow-up

This week I have walked the most mileage I have gone in quite some time.  I walked 34.7 miles so far, and today I actually walked a teensy bit over the 8.4 miles that I need to walk each day minimum in order to meet my quota of daily mileage.  I know in these first few weeks, I’ll likely NOT make those quotas, and I’ll have to make up for it later this summer with 10 and 12+ mile days, but that’s okay with me.

Walking so much over several days straight has actually been newer for me.  The last few months, my training consists of walking a couple of days on, then a day off, then another couple of days walking, and so forth.  Five days of mileage in a row (and I intend to do some more tomorrow, as well) is something I haven’t felt like I could do before because of my joints.  They have screamed at me in the past when I try it and tell me I’m overdoing it.  So far so good, though.  I’m a little sore, but not too bad.

I think it helps that I’m breaking it up.  I’m breaking the walking into 3-4 segments.  First I walk in the morning with my dog.  Then I go walk toward Willow’s school.  Then we have some walking to get home (it’s almost a mile to the bus stop from Willow’s school).  Then I do more walking in the evening with the dog, if Micah hasn’t done it already.  Anyhow, the little rest periods between each segment of the day seems to help break it up so that my feet aren’t hurting so much by doing it all at once.

This Week’s Highlights



The Mario Bros. mushroom trees.  I felt like a giant Luigi or Mario should be jumping them for power-ups.  I got a huge kick out of these trees.  They are in somebody’s backyard.  The entire front and back yard looked like it was manicured by someone with a little OCD.  But it made for an entertaining lawn.

I also discovered that I really like the quaint hip vibe (can quaint and hip be in the same kind of vibe?) of the Division Street businesses in the stretch between about 30th and 49th.  I bought a couple of tamales off of a woman pulling a cooler down the street shouting, “Tamales!  Come buy some tamales!”  She had a cute little girl about three years old with her.  I got suckered, I just know it.  Good marketing ploy, Tamale Lady.

I walked 6.36 miles Monday.



My husband Micah walked with me today.   My dad said something to the effect of, “Aw, sweet!  You guys are going to walk together!”    And it was sweet!  I enjoy getting to walk with my hubby.  It’s nice to have the company.

Most of what I took pictures of today had to do with the local flora and fauna (the fauna being chickens).  But one picture stood out beyond the others.

Portland has a bunch of art cars.  I see them everywhere.  This van happens to reside only a few blocks from where I live.  It’s very colorful!

Tuesday I walked 5.81 miles.


This beautiful tabby came out to say hello to me.  He was an excellent model, twisting all sorts of directions so that I could get about a billion pictures.  “Look at me!  Aren’t I fabulous?”  I would have to agree with him. Well, I don’t even know if he is a he.  But I wanted to know, because I wasn’t sure if he was a tabby or a calico, because his coloring is so unusual!  I’ve never seen an orange and dark striped tabby (unless you count a tiger–if you want to call a tiger a tabby cat).  I’ve only seen orange tabbies with white stripes.  My thinking was, that if this was a tabby, he could be male or female.  But if he was a calico, he could only be female, since calicos can ONLY be female due to biological mutation.  So if this was a boy kitty, I would know right away this wasn’t a calico.  Sigh.  It’s a mystery I never got to solve.  I tried to get close enough to get a gander at the nethers, but he informed me his modeling gig was only for G rated audiences, not the latest issue of Puss ‘n Boots.

In my walk today, I stopped by Loprinzi’s gym.  I’m going to have to do an entire post on this gym next week, since while I was there, I signed up.  Loprinzi’s is awesome, people.

I used to clean this neighborhood gym when I was 15 so that I could use the facilities for free.  It is a small gym, very old school in atmosphere.  If I were to envision a place where Rocky would work out, this would be it.  The equipment is still for the most part all original. Only the cardio stuff with all it’s computerization has been upgraded.  The weights machines are the same.  The free weight equipment is the same, with the dumbbells being the old style, one piece iron handles with big black ball ends.  So totally cool.  I love it.  There are photos of all the old bodybuilders up on the walls, and none of the decor has changed since I went when I was a kid.  You know a gym is cool, when there is a resident cat that primarily likes to sleep on the counter.

Needless to say, it is NOT a high pressure, training package sales oriented gym with bright shiny fakey looking people running around.  The people who go to Loprinzi’s, go there to work out, they go there to hang with the guys.  It’s a regular community!  It was pretty funny, because at the entryway, there is a small button that looks like a doorbell ringer that you are supposed to push if you need service.  I pushed it.  A guy came over to me and told me that he had been going there regularly for years and he had NEVER seen anybody ever push it.  They just know if they want the guy who runs the place, Bob, they just hunt him down.  Usually he can be found hanging out outside chatting with the neighbors.  The guy I talked to said, “So did it work?”  “What work?”  “The bell.  Did it work when you pushed it?”  “I didn’t hear anything, so I’m guessing no.”  But then, Bob showed up from outside, and the guy joked, “Maybe it did after all.      There he is.”

Wednesday I walked 7.67 miles.


I forgot to bring my camera with me on Thursday, and a good chunk of my walking was in the evening with my dog anyway, after my good lighting window was gone.  So  I didn’t get any pictures, darn it!

But today I walked with the dog in the morning, went to the gym, walked some more for aerobic purposes on the treadmill, lifted some weights and stretched and generally worked out.  I brought my husband with me and he worked out, too.  It was fun working out together!  We haven’t done that since we were training for the walk in 2009, only then it was more stressful because we both had these goals over our heads and there was more pressure and everything because we had trainers for a little while and it just wasn’t as fun or relaxed.

Didn’t get in my walk to Willow’s school due to my time running out (too many errand in the morning).   So I had to make up for that by taking a long walk with Dante in the evening.  It’s actually the longest walk he’s had since he had some lameness issues several weeks ago.  I was pleased to see he handled it like a trooper.

Thursday I walked 6.13 miles.


When the weather gets hot, the clothes start coming off.

Actually, it was kind of funny, because I had already picked up my daughter when we saw this guy.  We were waiting at the bus stop to go home.  She was completely disgusted.  “That guy is completely inappropriate running around all naked like that.”   I pointed out to her that people go around shirtless in the summer all the time.  She said, “Well, it’s just wrong.”  I think she didn’t want to admit that she was befuddled by the guy’s body hair.  She couldn’t stop staring at it.  Yet she was doing the whole I’m-trying-to-hide-the-fact-I’m-staring thing by mashing up against me and hiding slightly to the side and behind me as he walked by.  You would think she was afraid his fluff was going to jump off and get her!

I was pretty happy because I actually managed to get in more than 8 1/2 miles Friday!  Total mileage walked: 8.6 miles.

If you want to see more pictures, I up loaded them onto the Portland Walkabout Page.   There’s a slide show and a half on there already!


2 thoughts on “Friday (Oops–More Like Saturday) Follow-up

  1. Hi Holly
    Sounds like that you have a good training plan. I am going to impliment into my training. I am wanting to finnish my walk i only have about 13-14 miles to go. The weather doesn’t want to cooporate.
    I have a friend that lives near the trail and they said i can out on their property. One of our local tv stations is having an event the 16th. i am going to participate in that. I am planing on spending a lot walking in my area where i live. When i do finnish, i will be only taking enough for what i need for two nights. I have lost 5 pounds and want to loose at least 10 more pounds, that will put me down to 190 pounds. which will be great.

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