Loprinzi’s Gym

It’s hard to take smooth pictures while attempting to walk on a treadmill.

So here we are at Loprinzi’s Gym.  We’ve been going for almost a week now.  I’m already feeling a huge difference in my energy level and, strangely enough, my walking ability.  Friday’s 8+ miles seemed really tough, yet every day that has been an 8 miler since then has been much easier, even on days I worked out at at the gym in addition to walking.

I’m losing weight, too.  I’ve lost 54.2 lbs. so far.  I had about a three week detour while moving, but I’m back on track again.  Today just happens to be one of my measurement chart days.  I take my measurements on the first and the 16th, as a way to keep track of my progress.  According to my measurements, I’ve lost  5  inches off of my chest,  5.75 inches off of my hips,  5.5 inches off of my waist, 3.5 inches off of my thighs, 2.5 inches from my upper arms, and 1.75 inches off my neck!

While I’m back at the gym, my overall fitness and health goals haven’t changed from what I’ve blogged before.   However, I’m developing some more specific goals as I’m continuing down my fitness path. Like, my goal to walk 2000 miles by the end of the year. Also, I plan to increase my strength by 20-50% for most of my weight-lifting exercises.  (not hard, considering I’m a weakling at the moment and I gain strength fast).  I also want to be able to swim a full mile again.  Eventually, I want to train for a triathalon, since I’ve never done one and I think it would be a hoot and a half, but one thing at a time!

In essence, my main fitness goal is to get into damn fine shape.  I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in for a long time right now.  But is it damn fine shape?  I think not.  I have a long way to go to reach that level!  (How does one quantify Damn Fine Shape?  I have no idea.  I think it’s one of those things that I will know it when I feel it.

Check out this little video of Loprinzi’s Gym.  That guy, Bob, who’s talking on the vid is the same guy who runs it now.

Here’s a little slideshow of Micah and I doing our thing:

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3 thoughts on “Loprinzi’s Gym

  1. I recommend the elliptical over the treadmill for stamina. Because I did often 2.5 hours a day on the elliptical and burned off about 1100 calories each time, I was able to average about 23 miles per day on my walk. I was 350 lbs when i started on the elliptical, 280 when I left on my walk and 262 at the end. I recommend the elliptical because there is almost no impact on knees and joints, which makes a huge difference later on in life. The walk itself is going to bang your knees awfully. My walking training for the walk itself: 5 miles total. I literally did no walking to preserve my joints. I did a 5 mile walk once to see how it felt and how long it took, for measuring purposes. It took me less than 2 hours, at a decent pace, so I knew 20-25 miles a day was doable. You can do it!!!

    • I’ve used the elliptical. In fact, I’ve tried a few different types. However, the elliptical (no matter the model or brand I’ve tried) causes my feet to go to sleep in very short order. Attempting to work out with pins and needles and then numb feet is not fun and I imagine it probably isn’t good for me. The same thing happens on recumbent bikes. Regular bikes, no, but recumbent, yes. Treadmills give me no problems.

      The moral–use what works for you! When the summertime comes and the pool’s water is warmer, I’ll be doing some swimming, too. I love to swim. I also love to go hiking. I like to bike, too, but my bike needs some TLC right now. As long as I keep busy and try to get my heart rate up for my cardio a few times a week, that’s all I care about.

      The gym has some equipment that I’m using for cardio and it has the pool, but honestly, I’m not going there for that primarily. The biggest reason I’m going there is their weight equipment. I really want to get my strength back again. I miss it! I miss that feeling that I can kick the world’s ass if I felt like it. Being strong gave me that.

      Thanks for reading and caring, Jim!

  2. You bet,. And I agree. I will add that my feet went to sleep pretty quickly too–a result of the constant pushing forward, numbing the toes, mostly. I did it for two years straight and never had any lasting effects. And I also started using larger sized toeboxes too. Keep at it!

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