There are a few people who have walked across America that I have the pleasure of having corresponded with in the past and who inspire me in very big ways.  I’ve kept occasional tabs on them, and this week I discovered some kudos and congrats are in order.

Nick and Lucy, a couple of cool cats from the UK, finished their walk across America on May 6th.  Congratulations, you two!!  They were walking to raise money for the Pamir Trust.  And I have to say, their blog is friggin’ brilliant.  I swear, with every post, I’m usually laughing until I snort.  Their witty observations of American life, plus their wry commentary on their homeland’s culture just cracks me up.  Read their blog and donate to their cause!  Seriously!  They deserve it after all those miles, blisters, and mishaps that they have put up with and blogged about in such a charming and hilarious manner.  Read all about their adventures here.

The other person I would like to send congratulations to is Kelly Wells, aka Ameranth.  She has been turned into a character in a video game by the makers of Guild Wars, ArenaNet Studios.  Now how cool is that?  Read about that story here.

(Now I want to be in a video game.  Of course, any video game I would be in would probably end up being titled Middle Aged Fat Redneck Mom Wars or something like that.  So maybe that wouldn’t be so cool after all…  Nah, it would still be cool.)

Congratulations to all of you for so much excitement and for making our lives more interesting by getting to live vicariously through your lives.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Congrats!

  1. So, when you create your walk across america video game, you can be a character in it. 🙂
    I’m gonna check these people’s blogs out. Thanks for pointing them out.
    BTW, I’ve been thinking about walking across America lately, and realize I can’t do it because I’m afraid of geese. I’ve been chased by a goose and it was pretty scarey and mighty humiliating. Now, everytime I have to pass a goose, I will add a whole block to my route just so I won’t have to pass the goose. So, there’s no way I could walk across america. 🙂

    • LOL!! Geese ARE scary, aren’t they? They’re really mean. Some people use them as a replacement for guard dogs. No kidding.

      I get nervous around squirrels. They’re evil little buggers. I had one try to pee on me from a branch overhanging my head. Then, when I objected loudly (um, I think I called him some choice names) he pelted me with moss and bark. True story. We also had a squirrel in our backyard that used to torment the hell out of my dog. He used to throw bark at him, too. Damn squirrels. They’re squirrelly. Can’t trust ’em. I give them a wide berth!

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