Friday Follow Up

This last week I’ve been getting in the groove and walking walking walking. I thought that I would get pooped out by working out at the gym in addition to walking, but it turns out that going to the gym before I do any significant walking during the day seems to rev me up.  This is a very useful bennie, let me tell you!

This Week’s Highlight’s

Mother’s Day weekend-

Smothering my opponent with huggy goodness. Bwa ha ha. My evil strategy is working…

Saturday I took a bit of a break and didn’t walk as much.  The highlight of the day was the family walking with me to Laurelhurst Park, where we proceeded to beat the crap out of each other with PVC pipes covered with insulation and tape.  They look like swords created by someone with a duct tape fetish.  To the uninitiated, we call them “boffers”.   Ours are fancy, with purple twine wrapped around the hilts to create a better grip.  Fighting with boffers is an excellent way to rid one’s body of energy, btw.  It is also an excellent tool for masochists who like to have their knuckles smashed.  Of course, I’m not referring to my husband.

Micah’s knuckles were indeed smashed. Note the hand flailing madly to work out the sting.

Saturday I walked 4.43 miles.

Mother’s Day was Sunday.  My daughter suggested we walk down to the waterfront and go to the Portland Saturday Market.  The waterfront is just under two miles from my dad’s house, so it was a nice walk on a nice hot day.

Willow wearing her favorite hat.

We walked over Burnside Bridge to get to the market.  I got lots of pictures of interesting things along the way.  Check my Portland Walkabout Page for the ever increasing slideshow.  It was busy, as you would expect it to be on such a nice day, and I imagine even more so, since it was Mother’s Day.  As it turned out, though, we didn’t look at more than a few booths at the market, because Willow spied a large water fountain.  No, not the kind you drink out of, but the kind that kids can play in.  Therefore, the rest of the afternoon involved getting soaked in the fountain.  Not just her, but I did, too.  It was fun!

The fountain had a random setting it would go through periodically, so Willow plugged one of the spouts with her hands, just waiting for it to spurt.

I got a little sun, not too bad, and all in all we had a lovely day.  I walked in the morning and later in the evening with the dog, too, so I got quite a bit more mileage in that I expected.

Sunday I walked 8.07 miles.


Good to know.

Monday I cut through Laurelhurst Park and found some fun chalk writings on the pathways.  The one above is my favorite.  Then I walked out Burnside and in the neighborhoods near Burnside and discovered some neat houses and yards.  I have seen more purple houses and purple trim/doors in this one day than I have seen in my entire life. Purple!  On a house, y’all!  I loved it, actually.  I got to talk with the owners of one of the houses.  She says it makes it really easy for giving directions.  She told me, “I tell people I live down the street in the purple house and they immediately know which one I’m referring to.”

Monday I saw a number of weird and interesting things.  For example, somebody actually crocheted an afghan for a neighborhood telephone pole.  I kid you not.  Here’s the proof:

Was the telephone pole cold?

Seriously, who does something like that?  And why?  That sucker was sewed on there, too.  I saw no way to take it off, unless it was cut off.  Weird.

I also saw a house where the occupants obviously dug giraffes.  They had quite the collection in their yard and on their porch.  But I really liked their giraffe gate.

Monday I walked 8.91 miles!


Portland is chock full of little food cart malls.  You don’t have to go far before you can find one with lots of good food!  And it is GOOD food, people.  REALLY good.  It is hard to have the willpower to stay away when I’m walking and one pops out of nowhere.  Even when I bring snacks, I would rather have the yummy, gooey food from a cart than a piece of fruit or a slice of cheese.  Who wouldn’t?  But, food cart malls, do you have to rub your goodness in my face?

I know, I know already!

I have to make sure I leave the house with no cash so I can avoid temptation.

Tuesday’s walk was more in the Belmont district and then up between Portland Adventist Hospital and Lincoln Park.  It was such a lovely day for a walk, too!  I saw a number of really pretty flowers, chilled out at Lincoln Park (since I was early to pick up Willow) and watched a shy squirrel who refused to stand still long enough for me to take a picture.  Maybe that had to do with the $#%$* stupid  teenager who was riding his motor scooter round and round on the formerly idyllic park paths.  I say formerly, because they no longer qualify as idyllic if you are nearly knocked over by a rampaging scooter.  (Poor kids–they didn’t see him coming!  His BEEP BEEP of the pathetic little horn made them jump sky high.)  Wish I had the presence of mind to whip out my camera and snap that!

Tuesday I walked 8.5 miles.


After walking three 8+ mile days in a row, and working both of the prior two days, I was a bit pooped.  I took a rest day Wednesday, so the only walking I did was to take the dog out.

Even still, I walked 1.98 miles on Wednesday.


Thursday was a mixed bag of goodness and badness.  I woke up feeling kinda bleah.  I had breakfast and felt really queasy.  But I took the dog for a walk anyway, since he had to go out.  Less than two blocks away, I promptly threw up.  I felt a little better, and continued walking Dante Dog (I knew he wasn’t done yet).  After he left a particularly large, stinking pile and I bagged it like a responsible pet owner, I got all queasy yuck-face again.  I blame it on having to smell the poo.  Actually, I was probably suffering from some sort of food poisoning, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what I could have eaten.  I’ve eaten the same kinds of things as everybody else in my house and no one else was sick.

For the rest of the morning, even after dropping Willow off at school and going to the gym, I was queasy.  Micah was having his own issues with his hip, so we called it a day with the work out a little early and went home. After napping for almost two hours, I felt a lot better.  I figured I should be game to pick up Willow again.  So I did. I walked all over the neighborhoods between Hawthorne and Division and took a LOT of photos.  My Aunt Chris happened to bump into me while I was out (not surprising, since I had walked to within two blocks of her work).  She insisted on giving me a ride up to Willow’s school and  bringing us back to her house.

We did that, and I got to take some more fun photos, as well as see my cousin Maya, who dropped by.  I haven’t seen her in probably 15 years.  She looked the same, only a tiny bit older.  Weird, but very cool to see her again.

Anyhow, Thursday’s photo theme seemed to revolve mostly around weird art, neat architectural details, and pretty flowers.  But then, most of my days seem to revolve around that…

Thursday I managed to eke out 7.1 miles, despite being sick.

For more photos, check out the Portland Walkabout page of my blog.  Have a great weekend, everybody!


2 thoughts on “Friday Follow Up

  1. So, yeah, who would crochet a blanket to a pole? Attached to the pole? Did they seriously STAND there and crochet it? 🙂 They must have been really bored.
    Looks like Willow (whose name I love, BTW) was having a ton of fun with the sprinkers. I want to do that some day. Reminds me of how we used to play in the hose in our backyard sometimes.
    Well, you are certainly still walking a lot. Good for you. Keep walking and you will be ready next year when you walk across the US. 🙂

    • Isn’t that great with the fountain? I love it. I confess that I was out there, too, though we didn’t get any pictures of that, lol (thank goodness!). But I didn’t hang in the fountain as long as she did. Once I was soaked, I was pretty much done. 🙂

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