The Week of Great Workouts and Ouchie Joints

A week has already passed?  Wow.  That was fast.  Well, I suppose I should get on the Friday Followup post then, shouldn’t I.  (For those of you new to this blog, Fridays are the day I write about where I gallivanted about all week.

This week there were a couple of days of really good mileage, and then I twisted my knee and all my great progress was slowed down considerably. Bleah.

This Week’s Highlights-


Look at me! I’m cute! Pet me pet me pet me pet me!

Friday I walked over around Burnside again.  To my utter delight, I discovered that a house that I used to marvel at as a kid is up on the market.  So I took about a hundred pictures of it and went up to it and peeked in the windows.  I loved the interior of the house, too.  Lots of bookshelves and built in sideboard–plenty of useful storage.  I like details like that.   If the house wasn’t on Burnside (a very busy major street in Portland–it divides the North half and South half of the city), I would totally want to buy it.  If I had the money, that is.  This house is faced with pebbles in interesting designs.  There are nice round, smooth pebbles, obsidian, petrified wood, and all sorts of other rocks.

The stairway up to the house.

The walkway to the front porch.

There were some fun things that I saw, too.

Yes, my mustache is natural. Go away. Now.

My daughter and I were instantly filled with the desire to climb this tree as we walked by this yard on the way home from her school.

I saw a tree that I have never seen before in Portland.  At least, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like it before.

I’m prickly like a cactus, yet shaped like an evergreen pine tree. Anybody know what I am?

And, of course, me being the girlie girl I am (Hah!  Not!) a day can’t go by that I don’t snap a picture of pretty flowers:

Friday I walked 8.17 miles.

The Weekend-

Saturday and Sunday I didn’t walk too far.  The weather wasn’t very nice–overcast with the occasional sprinkle.  So most of my walking was what I did with the dog.  And since I was worried about my camera, I didn’t take it with me when I did walk.  However, I did catch some pics of the eclipse that happened!

My favorite one because of the texture and color of the clouds. It reminds me of water or rippled silk.

Sunday’s walk involved me walking with Micah to his dialysis appointment and then meandering down to 20th and some street that I don’t remember the name of (a few blocks south of Broadway, I think).  There were some really neat houses.  I wish I had my camera, because there was some fun, arty stuff.  I’m going to have to go that route again when it isn’t raining or threatening to rain so I can take pictures of all the stuff I wanted to take pictures of!

Saturday I walked 3.59 miles and Sunday I walked 4.36 miles.


Artwork for The Plant Peddler shop. No, not those kinds of plants…

I took a risk on Monday, because it looked like it was going to rain.  I was afraid I would ruin my camera if it got wet, but I brought my camera with me while I was walking anyway.  I’m glad I did, because I got some really neat photos.  And it didn’t rain. So I got lucky.

Up the street from my house is this purple house.  They fixed it up a few years ago from a non-descript ordinary house into this thing with the castle-like tower and cool color scheme.

Any cute guys needing to be saved from ferocious dragons? I am your knight errant, er…warrior princess…er….crazy hippie walker here to save the day!

Check out the size of this flower!  It’s bigger than my German shepherd’s head.  Heck, it was bigger than MY head!

As it was getting late, I snapped the following pic.  I liked the patterns the light gave.  They look like eyes or something.

Speaking of eyes, I swear this house was watching me as I walked past.  The little raised parts above the windows totally reminded me of eyelids.

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” The windows are the eyes of the house…

Monday was an incredibly productive day, with me kicking butt at the gym, walking all over the place, and generally feeling good.  At one point, after walking a good ways I took the bus the rest of the way to Willow’s school (I have yet to walk the entire straight route, since I detour so much, and my detours end up being longer than the straight route a lot of times or else I run out of time!).  While on the bus, there was a gentleman who said he was 75 years young, “and looking for a woman!”  He said he was looking for a nice lady to hug and hold close and go dancing with.  That got me and the young woman next to me smiling.

Monday, I walked 10.29 miles.


Tuesday didn’t threaten to rain.  It DID rain.  So I left my camera at home.  I was glad I did, too, because the mild sprinkle turned into a major downpour along the way.  No doubt my camera would have gotten wet.  I was grateful to have the teeny umbrella that I did, but I vowed next time to bring a bigger one, because my arm got soaked, since it was sticking out from the umbrella a little bit.

After I picked up Willow, though, the rain disappeared, the sun came out and I wished I had my camera after all.  Sigh.  That’s Oregon for you!

Willow is growing up.  It makes me sad.  She didn’t want to hold hands with me and said it was embarrassing.  Another big sigh…

My workout on Tuesday left me very sore.  I tweaked my right knee stepping off the elliptical machine and it has been bothering me since.  I taped up the knee and took some ibuprofen and walked around Tuesday anyway.  But I was very sore, and my hip was sore, too.  I think an almost 9 mile and an over 10 mile day PLUS working out at the gym both days back to back was a lot all at once.  I decided I should take it easy on Wednesday.

But despite the rain, and the sore knee, I went out and walked anyway.  I got in 8.93 miles Tuesday.


The day of rest!  Whew.  I was a bit sore.  I still had to take the dog for his walks and go pick up Willow, but I kept those walks short and only walked 3.71 miles Wednesday.  Hm.  I know I’m improving a lot when 3.71 miles of walking in a day seems like short walks and a day of rest.  🙂  No camera and no pics because of the rain.  I need a waterproof camera.  If anyone wants to get me one, I won’t complain.  At all.

Micah came along today, even though he wasn’t in the mood to.  I’m proud of him for that.  Go get ’em, honey!  ’em being whatever it is he’s supposed to get.  Ummm…..good health and conditioning.  Yes, that’s it!


Ow ow ow ow ow ow.  Okay,  Thursday I was OFFICIALLY sore.  It was a bit of a delayed reaction from Monday and Tuesday’s kick-ass workouts and walks, but Thursday I woke up stiff as heck!!  In fact, while my twisted knee was still hurting, my hip was actually bothering me worse.  I have troubles with my right hip off an on anyway.  Looks like Micah’s appointment with the eye doctor was a good excuse to miss out on the gym, lol.  I figured another day of rest was in order.

It threatened to rain again, with dark gray storm clouds hanging ominously in the sky.  Because of that, I didn’t bring my camera.  Then the sun decided to chase away the gray clouds and it was beautiful.  Drat it.  Well, not drat it to the nice weather, but drat it that I didn’t have my camera with me when I went walking to go pick up Willow.

Micah came with me again Thursday, which was nice.  That’s twice this week he’s come along.  Walking with me is tough on him.  There are a LOT of hills around our neighborhood and it’s a darn good workout just to get to the bus stop.

Since I hate bus transfers, if I walk directly to the bus that takes me up by Willow’s school, it’s a mile walk minimum to the bus stop.  Then it’s another half a mile to her school.  Then the reverse of that to get home.  So if I just want a short walking day like I did on Wednesday and Thursday, that means to walk and take the bus to go get Willow is a minimum of 3 miles.  Then, of course, I’ve got the dog that I take for short little walks on top of that.  So my “rest” days still require a lot of walking.

Thursday evening I was feeling a bit better and rested, so I walked with Micah most of the way to his dialysis clinic.  I figured I have to walk the dog anyway, I may as well walk the dog with him there.  It was nice.  It was the second time I’ve done it this week.  It’s just a smidge over a mile to the clinic, so it’s a nice little jaunt there and back again.

When I left, I saw that the sun was still shining from earlier, and I thought I would chance bringing the camera.  My plan was to walk the same route I walked Sunday and get some pictures of the cool stuff I saw.

Well, we get almost to the clinic and the rain decides to start pouring down.  There went my plan.  Oh well.  I did manage to snap a couple of pics before that happened.

This mural is on a building on SE 28th and Glisan.

Pretty rose.

This is a pickup parked on the street. Apparently, it is a fan of Rip Van Winkle. Rip slept for 20 years, so he couldn’t have had a bath, either.

After I came back, I had the whole evening to enjoy eau du wet dog in my room.  Lovely!

Thursday I walked 5.52 miles.

Friday it is back to the gym and back to the grindstone.  I’m loving this.  🙂

As usual, for more pics, check out the Portland Walkabout Log page.


4 thoughts on “The Week of Great Workouts and Ouchie Joints

  1. I might have a solution to your camera problem: a protective camera shield. Check out emails from your contact page, I sent you a link for it.
    Anyways, I love these Friday updates, Holly. I love how you find adventure right where you are. And always something new to look at. There is another blogger who does this in Colorado, only he and his wife turn their weekend travels into documentaries. I know you would like to do documentaries too, so I am leaving you a link here to his blog. You just might get some inspiration.

  2. Okay you have me motivated! I’m training for a long walk next spring and these past few weeks have been slacking a bit due to humidity. But now I’m ready to go again! Love the lab, and love that house you like so much.

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