Pluggin’ Along

I just love my daughter’s illustrations. She is so creative and funny! I never would have thought of a hiker petting a mountain lion, for example…
(I love the fangs on the lion and the “Please give a donation to the blind orphins” Orphins! How can you not love that?)

My daughter and I are still working hard on the game design.  Today we were working on some very basic illustrations on the cards (as in stick figure type basic–I just want to get the idea across for the play test version, no need to let out the Da Vinci in me–as if I even have a Da Vinci in me).  We went to our local Fred Meyer because they have a large deli seating area and for the most part it’s nice and quiet with lots of tables and plenty of room for spreading out.

We worked diligently for a couple of hours, and then a man who was a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and homeless person (he didn’t look like your stereotypical homeless guy, so if he hadn’t made a big deal out of it, we never would have known) also announced he was an inspirational speaker and a failure many times over.  He continued to talk and talk and talk while we were trying to concentrate, so we finally put our stuff away, thanked him for his [unsolicited] advice and left.

But, the game is coming along swimmingly!  I’m excited about that.  I’ve also been boning up on the $100 Start Up book by Chris Guillebeau, and in this book he talks about product launches and strategies for accomplishing a good launch. Blogging about what you’re doing, like I’m doing here, is a good first step.  I’ve also got a number of folks who have volunteered to play test, so that is expanding my audience right there, too.  One of my volunteers is an employee at a game store, which is even better!  I’ve got some other ideas up my sleeve, too, but I’ll divulge those as my play testing comes to a close and I get closer to firming up a launch date.

After play testing, I’ll need to find a graphic designer to help me actually design the game.  I think I will keep as much of Willow’s creative input as I can.   That way she will feel like she really contributed and it will be special for her.  I know a couple of designers, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to work something out forthwith.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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