May 25th FFU*

*FFU is Friday Follow Up.  Not Friday fuck ups.  Or flippin’ frick off.  Or…  (Wow, what language.  And here I’ve got a baby photo below.  I’m so classy.)

Me on Fridays!

Well, it’s time for Friday follow ups again.  Last week, I conducted a poll as to how you all would like to read my blogs.  75% of a whopping 4 respondents (wow, I sound all political bloggy), said that I should have a post for each day, and that day’s photos in a gallery, so you all can see them easily, rather than make you go to the Portland Walkabout Log page to try and hunt down the extra photos I post of all the days.

So, I’m trying that out.  We’ll see how it works.  After a couple of weeks or so ago, I may ask your opinion again whether the new way is working well or not.  I want what I post to be easily accessible and readable, so I will need your input to let me know if I’m succeeding!

Last Friday, I posted that after my tweaking-the-knee injury last Tuesday the 22nd,  I hoped to kick butt over Friday and the weekend.

Ah, for the best-hoped plans…

Friday’s Highlights

It turns out that I am a terrible mother.  I knew that Friday night that my son was supposed to be busing into town from Job Corps and that I needed to pick him up from the Greyhound station.  What I conveniently forgot was that Memorial Day weekend was the weekend we had planned to celebrate his birthday.

Well, to be more precise, I didn’t forget that we were planning it, I just forgot that I had a MILLION things to do to prepare for the birthday bash we were holding on Saturday.

Because we are on a budget, we figured that we would have a barbecue at a local park.  Barbecues are fun, right?  And a few weeks ago I bought two ten pound bags of chicken leg quarters for 55 cents a pound and stuck them in the freezer.  So I was all over the barbecue business.  Save money, have fun.  Yep.

Well, I forgot how much work barbecues are.  Late Friday morning I realized just how much stuff I had to do before the party.  Needless to say, that meant most of the day was spent running errands (buying groceries, last minute gifts, cards and wrap) and then much of the evening was spent (indeed, I was up til 2am!) cooking and doing prep work.  I made a spicy shrimp and egg salad, a Greek orzo salad, baked up chocolate chip cookie dough brownies and chocolate chip cookies, made a kick-ass Asian style marinade and started the chicken in the marinade (making sure I kept some separate so that it wouldn’t be tainted with chicken juice).  I also wrapped all the gifts.  And I STILL wasn’t finished.

So my walking log is an abysmal 2.92 miles, and most of that is related to running around shopping and taking the dog for walks!  And no photos.  😦  But the lack of photos Friday is just a small blip.  I took tons more this week, so stay tuned!


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