May 26th

It’s Friday Follow Up day!  On to:

Last Saturday’s Highlights-

David’s 19th birthday! Yaaay! I’m an old woman!

The big day of the barbecue arrives and I still hadn’t baked or frosted the cake. So I had to do that first thing in the morning.  I made sure to set my alarm for 8:30 so I could get up in time to get everything done.  I also had to prepare the hamburger condiments, slice the tomatoes and onions, etc.  I packed up all the food, which there was TONS of, the grill, the charcoal, and the family and I loaded up the car.  My dad and his sister also brought tons of stuff to the park, too, to make it more comfortable.  Extra tables, chairs, a mat and cushions to lounge on, tablecloths and pins, banners, balloons, etc.

We also had to scope out a park, since I hadn’t reserved a space.  For Portland Parks and Recreation, there is a $17.50 application fee to reserve a park space.  The application fee is non-refundable, even if your application is denied.  So if I picked a space, and it was already taken, I would have to pay the fee again to request a different space.  Then, if that was available, pay for the actual reservation fee (which ranged from $22 to over $100 depending on the space).

Forget it.  I figured we would scout out a place and take our chances.  So we did.  We ended up barbecuing at Oregon Park, a nice little park on NE 30th and NE Hoyt. We set up shop, called a jillion folks to let them know where to head, and had ourselves a nice l’il barbecue.

David and his blinged out phone case for a birthday present. Which HE requested and was thrilled to get.

We were very worried that it would rain, since the day started out so overcast.  But the clouds burned off and the sun came out and it was beautiful!  The weather gods were very kind.  They waited until 30 seconds AFTER we got all of the stuff unloaded after the party was over before opening up the heavens and drenching the streets.

Fourteen folks showed up for David’s party and we all had a great time.   Dad brought his ferrets and they got lots of attention from the kiddos at the park.  From the canine kiddos, too.  But, the ferrets are fearless and didn’t seem to mind.  To them, an outing at the park is a big adventure!

Martin is a little go-getter. He was all over his little enclosure, looking for places to escape, no doubt!

The ironic thing is, I figured we should have a barbecue because it would fit in our budget better.  Wrong.  I think we could have had a pizza party and saved money, after all.  ‘Cues can be expensive!  Still, I think this way was more fun.

I thought that we would probably have lots of leftovers, too, because I marinated 8 pieces of chicken, grilled 12 hamburger patties, a package of hot dogs, and two packages of sausage dogs between 14 people.  I was amazed when I looked over at the ‘cue station after we had all loaded up and had eaten, and there were only two hot dogs left after all of that.  Whew!  We were hungry peeps!  Then even those disappeared when my cousin’s dog Misty managed to get away from him and just that quick–GULP!–they were gone.  I was laughing about it and thought it was hilarious, but I think he felt bad.  So, no leftovers except a little bit of orzo salad and shrimp and egg salad, and a couple of pieces of grilled corn on the cob.

Unfortunately, due to all this excitement (and hard work!) I didn’t get much walking in–only 2.06 miles.


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