May 27th

It’s time for Friday Follow Ups!  See what happened and where I walked around Portland this last week!

Last Sunday’s Highlights-

I didn’t walk too far this day, since I was still in recovery mode from the birthday party barbecue.  However, the walk I did, was very, very enjoyable.  Sunday’s theme seemed to revolve around art and quirky things, Sunnyside Environmental School and some really neat houses.  The Sunnyside district in Portland is home to some of the artsiest people, I swear!  I saw some fantastic mural painting.

One small part of a mural I saw that wrapped around somebody’s garage. For more pics of that, check the gallery below.

And apparently I missed a painting party that was going on Saturday to repaint the Sunnyside Piazza.  They have an annual block party every year to refresh the paint at the intersection.

The block party announcement. Sounds like they probably had a ton of fun! I think it’s soooo cool a whole neighborhood gets together like this every year to enjoy art, become art, and re-affirm their community.

Sunday I walked 3.27 miles.


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