May 28th

It’s time for the Friday Follow Ups, where you get to come along with me virtually and follow my every move as I walked about this great city last week.

Monday’s Highlights-

Unfortunately, at 4 am ish on Monday morning, I got a call from my husband, who was at the dialysis clinic.   He dialyzes at night time Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Apparently, when he was dialyzing on Sunday night, he started having horrible chest pains and they took him to the hospital, for fear he was going to have a heart attack.

Micah at the hospital.

This has happened to Micah before, though it hasn’t happened in a long time.  Usually, it has something to do with his medication needing to be adjusted or else he has too much fluid in him (could be he ate too much sodium or drank too much).  When he first started dialysis and was getting used to it, it seemed he was in the hospital once a month or so.

But despite the fact that I’ve seen Micah go in and out of hospitals, it still is stressful every single time.To fight the stress, I worked out at the gym and walked a whole bunch.  I ended up walking another ten miler, which was great, especially after my abysmally low  weekend walking numbers.

By mid-afternoon on Monday, Micah had been poked and prodded and had all sorts of tests done.  The only test left they decided they would do the next morning, and that was a stress test.  But the doctors felt that the problems Micah were having were more than likely from having too much fluid in his system.  His “dry” weight is 97 kilos.  He was about 10 kilos over that, which is an enormous amount (you dialysis patient folks probably understand that and are nodding your head going OMG!).  Micah said, “I think I overindulged this weekend because of the party.  I drank a lot more stuff than I usually do.”  Um, no kidding.  Yeah.  And he had three or four hot dogs over the course of the weekend, which are chock full of sodium, to boot.  Bleah.  So we are both going to be watching that in the future, especially at get-togethers, where the impulse to indulge is great.

It makes sense that so much water would be in him, when you think about it.  For those of you unfamiliar with dialysis, what happens is that the blood of the body is run through a machine.  The machine removes the toxins and the fluids that the kidneys would ordinarily excrete.  When the kidneys are working properly, people urinate out all the soda, coffee, iced tea, and other beverages they drink.  If they aren’t working properly, then the fluid that would have become pee just builds up and builds up and doesn’t go anywhere.  You know that saying, “gotta pee so bad my teeth are floating”?  Well, if people drink a lot between dialysis appointments, they need to dialyze so bad their teeth are floating.

I joke, but actually, the problem really isn’t a joking matter.  When there is too much fluid in the body, it can collect and pool in the lungs, effectively suffocating a person and making the blood pressure shoot sky high, causing heart problems and leading to heart attacks.  So it is really a serious issue if dialysis patients take in too much fluid and sodium, which encourages fluid retention.

The crazy thing is, when this happened back when Micah was first learning how to deal with the dialysis and was over-drinking, the fluid would build up in his lungs and he would know, because he would have symptoms.  This time he didn’t have any symptoms until he started having chest pains.  The doctors surmise this is because he’s working out and getting healthier.

So while it’s great news to hear Micah is getting more fit, it’s also uneasy-making to know that he might be less apt to feel like he is under the weather when he is.  Big sigh.

Anyhow, while I waited for the hubby at the hospital, I tried to do my business as usual,  which included my walking, working out, and working on my game prototype.  I got some nice photos Monday, too!

Monday I walked 10.15 miles.


4 thoughts on “May 28th

  1. Hi
    I have been checking on how you been doing your pictures, i like it a whole lot. That has given me an idea about my pictures i will be taking when i finish my walk. I have just 19 days till i start walking again.
    It will be a bittersweet end to something that i have been working since i started my back in 2008. I know, that a church i will be staying asked if i do talks and i told the pastor i that i am working on a slide show type of presentation.
    That will be my goal after i finish my walk. Also, i will writing a journal
    about my adventure.

    • That’s great, Gary! It’s good to have a tangible bit of your walk that you can hold in your hands and show to other people. YOU have your memories, but through journaling, talks, and slides, you can share those with others!

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