May 29th

It’s time for my Friday Follow Up again, where I post about where I walked here in Portland, this last week.  Here are:

Tuesday’s Highlights-

Micah was released from the hospital around mid-afternoon.  They actually let him walk out, which is a first.  In all the hospitals he’s been in over the years, this is the first time that he has been allowed to walk out.

For whatever reason, most of my walking ended up being more toward the evening.  I walked all over the heck and back in the area near Micah’s dialysis clinic, because even though he was in the hospital this morning, he still has to go to his usual Tuesday appointment.

There were some really neat things to photograph around this area, and I finally had a nice enough day that I was able to go back to those areas I mentioned a week or so ago that I wanted to take pictures of, but had forgotten the camera. I actually got lucky, because one of the things I wanted to photograph was these rock and found object sculptures and the owner of the house happened to be there.  So I got to chat him up and learn more about them.  That was really cool.

Hidden inside this structure are all sorts of little things, including a brass buddha, thunder eggs, and other fun things.

This was part of another sculpture, and possibly my favorite part.

He told me that he is always looking for interesting shaped rocks to add to his sculptures or build new ones with.  He also said that he is always changing the items on the sculptures.  So they are always works in progress, or the flavor of the week, as it were.  He also mentioned that people come along and add their own touches, too.  But the sculptures definitely have a hint of the divine as well as the profane, and it is a wonderful combination.  Glitter skulls and pirates share space with tiny brass buddhas and prayer flags.  I adored it all. They are like urban outdoor altars.

Now that I know they are constantly changing, I know I will be back from time to time to see if I can spot any differences.  🙂

Tuesday I walked 10.64 miles!


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