May 31st and Every Parent’s Nightmare

It’s Friday Follow Up time again, where I blather on about where I walked around Portland for the week and post tons of pictures of the interesting, beautiful, and quirky.  Basically, whatever catches my eye.  On to:

Thursday’s Highlights-

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday.  How can one day be both so good and so bad?

The good–Thursday morning, Micah and I met with Susie Rice, who works for the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk.   I’ll be posting more about that excellent meeting on Monday, but for now, it’s safe to say that we were very excited about meeting with her and talking about how we can help each other out in the future.

Our meeting was at the Starbuck’s downtown in Pioneer Courthouse Square.   When we came out of Starbuck’s, there were three equestrian officers and their horses standing around.  The police were happily chatting with the people of the city.  People were petting the horses and generally enjoying the exchange.  I think that’s why the city keeps equestrian units.  I think they are wonderful talking points and are a great way for the police to connect with the city’s people in a positive way.

So of course, I had to pet all of the horses, too.  I asked one of the police officers (the only female in the group) if I could take some pics and she said sure.

Meet Asher. He’s a sweet guy who likes to lick everything. Windows, cars, buildings, the stone his nose is touching…. We got to watch the licky thing in action. Asher’s officer was funny describing what he does.

Note the swank shoes. The officers said they help protect the horse’s feet. Metal horseshoes slide and slip too much in the rain on the brick. And they actually have some cushion in the insoles, so the horse’s feet don’t suffer so much shock from walking around on concrete all day long.

Micah and I walked to Willow’s school from the transit center and we got in some nice family time.  It was raining off and on while we walked, so I didn’t drag out the camera for most of it.

That was the good.

The bad–Willow was riding her bike after school after we got home and got hit by a car.  I’m SO glad we have a no helmet=no bike policy, because that helmet probably saved her life.

*breathing deeply* Where do I start?  This is every parent’s nightmare.  I got a phone call while I was making dinner from a lady named Heidi who was on the scene, and she told me Willow had gotten hit by a car.  One of the last things she said to me before we hung up was to breathe, she seemed okay, and mom love.  Or something to that effect.  It was very sweet, but I’m afraid I wasn’t quite in the mindset to hear it.

Willow’s accident site was only a few blocks from me, so I grabbed David and ran out the door.  As we rounded the corner and could see the fire truck and ambulance, David’s eyes got huge and he took off!  He left me in his dust as he sprinted down to the intersection where Willow was.

I got down there, and there were all these EMT’s and cops and the poor girl who was driving the car who looked absolutely stricken.  Willow wasn’t covered in blood, which wasn’t what I was expecting.  I hear Willow got hit by a car, and immediately in my imagination, she’s bleeding everywhere.  In fact, she only had one tiny scratch that I could see at first glance.  However, the EMT’s were putting the neck brace thingy on her and were busy lifting her onto a stretcher.

Then I saw the car that hit her and I about panicked.  I thought for sure Willow was going to die of internal bleeding or something, because the windshield of that car was spiderwebbed so bad it was impossible to see out of.  The front bumper had a bit of damage, too.  She had hit the car, went flying into the windshield, and bounced off.  I was shaking, I was soo scared.

The EMT’s told me that she had some amnesia of the event, and couldn’t remember what month it was, was complaining of head and neck pain, and so they wanted to take her in to the trauma center to check her out.

Off we went to Emmanuel Hospital, me blathering on like an idiot to the poor driver of the  ambulance (and wondering at the back of my mind whether I had turned the burner off or on when I left the dinner on the stove).  Micah, Dad, and David met us at the hospital.  Fortunately, my dad had the presence of mind to make sure the stove was off.   We didn’t need to have a burned down house on top of Willow getting hit by a car!

When Micah got there, they had already wheeled her off to get the CAT scans.  He was napping when all this happened, and I was in too much of a hurry to rush out the door to wake him up, so he was in major freak-out mode and didn’t know how she looked or how bad it was.  He saw she wasn’t in the room and started bawling, his imagination getting the better of him.

Willow got poked and prodded and X-rayed and CAT scanned AND….everything came out okay.  She’s got a nice sized goose egg on the noggin.  She has a  scrape on her elbow, and it’s bruised and swollen a bit.  But she’s okay.

She’s okay, people.  I’m crying from relief.

They gave her scrubs to wear at the hospital, since they cut her shirt off. That upset her, since she really liked her shirt.

Willow’s scraped up elbow is about all the visual evidence she has that she got hit by a car.

Funny girl, when she saw that her thumb nail got torn down below the quick (one of the few places on her body that actually bled), she said, “Darn it!  And I just painted my nails today, too.”

She has regained her memory of the event, as the amnesia was merely temporary.  I asked her what happened.  She was going down the hill on SE Pine, approaching SE 32nd, and looked one direction, but didn’t look the other.  She was going down the hill fairly fast, and having fun.

Willow never saw the car coming.  Fortunately, the driver was going very slow.  If she had been going 25+, like most cars do who go through that intersection, Willow probably would have had significant injuries.

I feel bad for the girl who was driving.  This has got to be a nightmare for her, too.  She probably keeps reliving the event in her own head and hearing the thuds as Willow hits the car and the ground.  I know I would.  Poor thing.  She looked like she wanted to vomit when I saw her.  She looked kind of shaky and I asked her if she was okay.  She nodded, then said, “I’m soo sorry!”  I don’t blame her.  I didn’t pursue talking with her further, since I was more worried about Willow at the time.  Now that it’s after the fact, though, I can totally understand how she must have felt and possibly still feels.

After we got home from the hospital around 8 or 9pm, Willow went to bed.  She was tired from all the trauma and she was sore.  I don’t blame her!

So when I say I only managed to squeak in 5.37 miles yesterday, I think I have a pretty darn good excuse.  🙂


4 thoughts on “May 31st and Every Parent’s Nightmare

    • Yeah, she seems to be doing better. Though she keeps asking, as she tries on different clothes, “Does this make me look like I’ve been in a car accident?” I keep telling her no, that she doesn’t look like it at all, and I think it is disappointing her, lol!

      I think she wants to look severely damaged so she can show off to her friends at school and play the injured martyr and get them to do her bidding. “Please pass me that pen that is three inches from my hand. I can’t possibly reach it. It hurts. It hurts!”

    • Oh, you know it! It was scary. I still catch myself staring at her, daydreaming (daymaring?) about what COULD have happened and wanting to cry knowing that she is safe and sound right there next to me.

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