Friday Follow Up Time: June 1st Through 4th

Well, it’s that time of the week again.  Already?  How can that be?  Did the dreary rain soggify (yes, I know that isn’t a real word, but I like it, so I’m using it) my brain and melt me into a time warp where the last week happened, but I was in the future, so I didn’t experience it?

Hm.  I’m looking at my walking log, and I’m seeing mileage there.  Not good mileage, but mileage nonetheless.

Friday June 1st Highlights-

Friday was my Laurels Writing Group.  We meet two Fridays a month.  So I walked to the meeting.  About half a block from the house it started sprinkling.  I had my camera with me, and I was afraid it would get wet.  So I went back and put it away.  Then, I set back out.

Man!  The sprinkling stopped by the time I got a few blocks away.  The sun came out and it was very pretty out. I walked by some really neat neighborhoods on my way out to NE Killingsworth and NE  33rd.  I saw some really neat stuff.  I hope to go out that way again soon, so I can snap it up with my camera on a nice day.

But then, I was kind of glad that I didn’t bring my camera after all.  When I was within about ten blocks of my destination, it started raining.  Enough that it would have been bad news for it, very much so.  So it looked like I made the right decision after all.  Sigh.

The meeting was fun, though!

Friday I walked 4.38 miles.

Last Weekend’s Highlights-

Saturday and Sunday were entirely unexciting.  I didn’t get much walking in at all, with the exception of walking the dog.  Since those were short local walks over terrain I’ve been over many, many times before, I didn’t take any pictures.

No, the highlight of my weekend was going to Safeway with Micah to hang out and work.  We like the Safeway on SE 27th and SE Hawthorne.  They’ve completely rebuilt it.  They have a really nice seating area in there now, complete with free wifi.

As we were leaving, I saw this car and couldn’t resist the snapping a pic.  I don’t even remember why I had both my camera and my computer with me at Safeway.  But I did, and it’s a good thing, too, or I wouldn’t have captured this:

Art Car Meets Vampire

I wish I had seen the rest of the car, so that I could figure out what all that stuff was on the hood.  It looks like pipes or robots or something.

Saturday I walked 2.14 miles and Sunday I walked 1.74 miles.  Terrible.  I need to kick it up!

Monday’s Highlights-

Now, since the weekend was sooo pathetic, I thought I would try to kick it up a notch on Monday.  But the rain didn’t want to cooperate with me.  When I went to go walking in the evening, I took Dante with me.  It was sprinkling enough that I didn’t bring my camera.  But it wasn’t horrible, so I determined to get in some good solid walking.

I did so.  Fortunately, I brought my umbrella with me.  I didn’t use it for the sprinkles, because I’m an Oregonian.  I’m supposed to have gills. But midway through, the heavens decided to open and the weather Gods did their best to drown me and my Dante Dog for my brazen hubris.   In defeat, I popped that behemoth umbrella open and sullenly carried that sucker over my head for the last half of the walk.

I tried to hold the big purple and black thing over Dante’s head, too, so he wouldn’t get water in his ears, thereby triggering the head shake that somehow morphs into the full body shake, which drenches anybody standing within a five foot radius.  Despite my efforts to keep him covered, every ten blocks or so he had to stop to shake the water off and marinate me in wet-dog scented rain.

By the time I got home, I was wet, stinky, and my shoes were sloshy.  I didn’t think sneakers could slosh.  I thought that was more of a galoshes phenomenon.  I was wrong.

But!  Despite all that, I felt fabulous.  I walked a butt-ton of miles and I did it in the pouring rain and I didn’t even get a blister.  Hah!  Take that, weather Gods!  The only drawback to the day was that my bedroom smelled like wet dog all night.

Monday I walked 10.06 miles.


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