June 5th

Friday Follow Up time for this last week.

If you read the June 1st-4th post, you know that the weather has been crappy and I haven’t been getting in as much mileage as I should.  Tuesday I intended to have another ten mile day (though I definitely had to wear a different pair of shoes, since the pair I wore on Monday were still soaked).

Tuesday’s Highlights-

It didn’t quite happen.  My intentions were good, and I did get in a really nice walk.  The weather cooperated and everything.  I even snapped some really great pictures!

But Micah and I had a bunch of errands and an appointment with his prosthetic-maker’s office.  My first order of business of the day, though,  was to wish my sister a happy birthday.  She’s 5 1/2 years younger than me, so I’ll always be getting old before her.  That was a wonderful thing when I was a kid, but not so much now.   🙂  Happy birthday, Tia!

Anyhow, much of my afternoon was spent running around paying bills.  So I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to get in my walking.

Even so, I had fun and got some great pictures.  I walked the neighborhood over by Micah’s dialysis.  My dad took my daughter to OMSI’s transit of venus viewing party* so they could try to see Venus cross the sun.  They said they saw me walking around over on Broadway when they were driving about, but I never saw them, darn it.

You can tell from the lighting in my pics that it was evening.  The colors are different and the shadows are longer.

I love how Dante’s shadow dwarfs this little metal sculpture. It was about the size of a beagle, only without the droopy ears.

I tried to get Dante to get closer to the sculpture so I could make it look like his shadow belonged to the dog statue, so it would look like the tiny dog had a GIANT shadow, but I couldn’t make it work, drat it.

At one house, there was a palm tree about eight feet tall.  It was made of metal.  I loved it.  The owners were out doing yardwork, and I got to chat with them.  Next door to them was a  house that had black stuff on it and I thought maybe there had been a fire.  “Skin disease,” one quipped.  “No, she’s just an old, grand lady, with age spots,” the other said.  I thought that a wonderful way to describe a house.

Tuesday I walked 6.3 miles.

*Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


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