This is me. I’m working hard and wishing I was paid to do it. 🙂

This weekend was incredibly busy.  I walked my half-marathon, which I plan to write about in another post, and my husband and I filmed a test trailer for the documentary he wants to create.  Then on Sunday I had one of the games I’m developing play-tested.

The trailer is also to satisfy a challenge the Stumptown Movie Makers group has going.  The challenge was to create a one shot movie (could be a short, trailer, music video, public service announcement, etc.) that was 60 seconds or less.  We did that.  The documentary is about him and his struggles with chronic kidney disease, and one of the folks from Portland Community Media has already said that they are interested in what we’re doing.  So yay! to that.

I’m still working on Walking Across America…the Game!  It’s taking a LOT longer than I thought it would to develop.  It seems that as I make cards and draw the map I’m realizing how some things that I thought would work won’t and that some cards should actually do X and other cards should relate to Y and so on and so on.  Whew.

This isn’t exactly how the $100 Startup recommended to start.  Basically, with micro-entrepeneurship and mini-businesses, they should be something that I can start up with less than 30 days development.  If it’s taking longer than that, it’s not a quick startup.

I’m still working on the walking game, since it is something I think people would really like and will be lots of fun when it’s finished.  But I’m going to take the time to do it right.  But this week I went back to the drawing board to figure out what I can do in a short amount of time.

I realized the transplant game that was in the back of my head fit the criteria, since it utilizes card decks that are already in existence.  It is basically just a new set of rules and pictures to go on the exterior of the cards.  That can be done pretty quickly.

So I developed the rules and took them to a friend’s game day.  We tested it, and it was fun!  The mechanics were a little clunky, though, so I’m going to re-tool it a bit, take it to a couple more game nights this week and next to refine it, and then I plan to send it off to the presses.

Things are moving along quite nicely.


2 thoughts on “Play-testing

  1. Wait a minute–I thought you were the one who wanted to make documentaries! 🙂 Pretty cool that you have compatible interests!! Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool that you are doing that Walk the US game. I totally want to see what you come up with. Any chance we can talk you into posting some pictures of the cards or board or anything?
    And you really are productive, aren’t you–creating another game in the midst of it and then even having it tested. I’m impressed with your geniusness and productivity! You will have to let us have access to that game too!!!

    • Oh, I do! I do want to make documentaries. However, what we filmed this weekend was for a project that is Micah’s brainchild. (I have him hooked. All is going according to plan. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

      I did post a picture of some of the cards Willow drew up for me because they were so freakin’ cute. I’ll have to upload some more soon, because we have some more really great ones.

      During our playtesting yesterday, I brought out the board and the cards to show everyone how far we had gotten and at least give them a glimpse of the very very rough prototype and get some comments. So far everyone thought it was really cute and the drawings hilarious. I got some great advice on gameboard design, too, since I’ve been having difficulty in that area. I’ve been struggling with showing movement across the board. So they gave me some ideas to help combat the problems I was facing. But I’ve still got a lot of work to do before I can consider the “rough draft” done. 😦 I’m giving myself a deadline: the end of the month I want to be done. Whew. Now to crack that whip and get on it!

      As soon as I’ve got the Transplant game ready, I will be doing a launch, so keep your eyes peeled for that one, too!

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