June 11th FFU*

*Friday Follow Up.  Stay tuned for highlights of the day!

Monday’s Highlights-

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on a wall.

I’m discovering that I like walking in the evening.  It’s cooler, there is less traffic, and I like watching the sun set.

I like super early walks for the same reason (watching the sun rise), but I’m not acclimated to mornings at the moment, so dragging my butt out of bed early enough is a toughie.

However, for Monday, I only walked a small portion of my mileage in the evening.  Most of it I earned while walking to Willow’s school.  This time, I tromped directly there.  First.  time. ever.  I actually stayed on SE Division almost the whole way, from about 41st on.

I even stopped at Taco Bell along the way for a water refill.  I kept up my strength and didn’t buy myself any food.  Do you know how hard that is?  I have a weakness for their 5 layer burritos.  They’re super cheap little tubes of salty yummy-ness that are horrible for me and I know it!

One thing happened that sort of cheesed me off, though.  When I got as far as 82nd, some transient (?) kid approached me with his dog, gave me his best sad-eye look and said, “Do you think you could help me out so me and my dog could eat?”  I told him I didn’t have any cash–which I didn’t, all I had on me was my debit card–and I offered him an energy bar that I had brought along in my fanny pack.  He took one look at it, turned up his nose and said, “My dog can’t eat that!”  I responded, “No, but you can.”  He grunted disgustedly, apparently pissed off that I was wasting his time, jerked his dog around and stalked off.

This really irritated me.  Mr. Street Person, if you are looking for cash to buy you food for “you and your dog”, be ready to accept food for yourself since you asked for that help or decline it with at least a little bit of grace.  If you are allergic or energy bars give you the runs or something, I could totally understand. Even a simple smile and a, “No, thanks,” with no explanation at all would have been fine.  That’s at least polite.  But  when you turn down someone else’s generosity in such a manner, I start to think all you REALLY want is cash so you can go buy yourself some cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or anything not remotely related to food for either you OR your dog.  That may be stereotyping you, but what else am I supposed to think?  I suppose I could just think you’re a jerk.  Neither option is a very nice one.   Maybe you are just having a bad day, but please don’t take it out on me when I’m trying to help.  That’s biting the hand that feeds you, baby, and it’s a good way to ensure uncooperative donors.

That little nastiness aside, much of Division Street was super boring. I did manage to capture a few fun pictures, though.  Enjoy!

Monday I walked 10.41 miles.


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