June 12th Friday Follow Up

This post is part of my Friday Follow Up series where I blog about where I’ve walked around in Portland and log my mileage, as well as show off any fun pics I’ve might have taken in the last week.

Tuesday’s Highlights-

Jean Luc Picard does his American patriotic duty and rides a dinosaur. Must be one of those holodeck programs. Because I thought he was born in France, not the US of A. I mean, that’s weirder than him riding a dino.

Dang it, I wish the focus was a little better on the above picture.  This is my favorite photo I’ve taken so far.  There is just something about it that seriously cracks me up.  The little G.I. Joe type action figure does look like Patrick Stewart, don’t you think?  He better watch where that dino’s head swings because that horn could whack him in his little plastic testicles.  If he has any, that is.

Soooo, Tuesday was a fun walk.  I walked with my hubby to his dialysis clinic and after leaving him there, continued straight out NE 28th Avenue.

Along 28th there are some absolutely gorgeous houses.  One in particular I was drooling over, I discovered offered for sale.  It did not have a flyer with the asking price, which is never a good sign.  Only a phone number, not even a web address.  That tells me they wanted a lot.  Actually, on the way to the clinic we passed a very cute craftsman that was for sale in a nice neighborhood not too far from the Laurelhurst District (not as fancy as this other house’s neighborhood, though), and that craftsman house was going for $650,000 according to the flyer.  So I wouldn’t doubt it if the house I was drooling over was easily over a cool million.  Sigh.

Neat little covered alcove/patio next to the garage.

Above is the side of the house.  For the life of me, I can’t recall what this style of architecture is called.

I really love this type of roof, too.

Front of the house.

If you look to the right of the front door, there is a really neat window.

Front and side view of the house.

This house looks HUGE.  I wonder how many square feet it is?

Back behind the house it looked like they recently cut down a tree (though I couldn’t tell from where from the street and I didn’t want to trespass and go poking about).  It looked like it had a decent sized backyard and side yard, for a very large total lot size.

So it seemed architecture and dinosaurs seemed to be my key themes of the day.    I did, however, managed one other fun, yet disturbing, set of pictures.  The Cerberus Goat.

I know he’s a he because of the scary equipment he’s got in the nethers. That looks positively dangerous!

Three heads. Who knew simple tools could look so positively malevolent? *shivers*

Check out the gallery below for lots more fun pictures.

Tuesday I walked 7.28 miles.


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