June 13th and 14th FFU*

Friday Follow Ups, whereupon I let you all know how much mileage I’ve been logging and where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Highlights– I’m combining these two days into one post, because both of them are rather ho-hum days.  I’ve been extremely stiff the last two days.  I think I may have over done it not just with the combined mileage of the last few days and my half marathon, but also the fact that I worked out at the gym really hard Monday and Tuesday.  So gym time plus racking up some mileage all in a few days has been enough to put me mostly out of commission.  I’ve been doing short little walks, just enough to take the dog out.  I guess I must be getting old.  One day of rest wasn’t enough.  Drat it.

I didn’t get any pictures in as a result of that.  Drat it again.

Wednesday I walked 1.95 miles.  Thursday I walked 1.76 miles.


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