Portland Kidney Walk 2012 and Some Good News

Micah waits in line to check in for the Portland Kidney Walk 2012. He’s the guy toward the right of the picture in the olive drab t-shirt, blue shorts, and white hat.

This last weekend was the Portland Kidney Walk 2012, where a few hundred or so participants walked around Portland, and raised money for the National Kidney Foundation.

Micah participated in the walk and I filmed him for a documentary we are working on.  It was pretty tough to do, but I had help, fortunately.  I am very grateful to Larry McFarling for helping us out and filming the opening of the walk.

It was an incredible time.  Live music courtesy of The Bad Actors, cheery people, zumba warmups, custom-made hotdogs for the walkers (made with less of the stuff dialysis patients can’t eat) and shaved ice made for lots of fun!

But, while lots of people came out and did a great job of getting donations for the National Kidney Foundation, their goal was a bit short.  Their goal was $60,000 and they only got a little over half that.  Happily, people can still make donations in their walkers’ names for a few more weeks!  So I would ask people to please donate in my husband Micah’s name.  You can find the link to do that here.  It may be possible that the NKF meets their goal yet!

Micah clowning around before the Walk. We got there super early to set up filming, and there weren’t very many people there yet.

But even better (for us, anyway), is the news Micah got from his nephrologist at his visit last week.  She is referring him to OHSU, so they can see if he qualifies for a transplant.  This isn’t the same thing as being put on the transplant list, but it is the important first step in the process!


3 thoughts on “Portland Kidney Walk 2012 and Some Good News

    • Yes, we’re pretty tickled. BUT! He still has to be approved, so we are holding our collective breaths and crossing our fingers. When he’s finally put on the transplant list, we will be ecstatic (but not nearly so much as when he actually gets one, lol!)

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