June 15 Friday Follow Up

Friday Follow Ups are my weekly reviews of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to on my Portland Walkabout.  Whenever I’m able, I try to post pics of my walk, so you readers can see some of the neat stuff I get to check out every day.

Friday’s Highlights

Friday was an interesting day.  After taking off walking two days (well, mostly–I did do some walking of the pooch, but that didn’t give me a whole lot of mileage and I was too sore to do much more), I was keen to get in some walking.

Funny how life conspires against us.  School is officially out for the summer for my daughter.  And since we moved in with my dad recently, my little girl has been missing her bestest best buddy in the whole wide world, who lived in the same apartment complex as us before we moved.  We had arranged to have her spend the night at her friend’s house Friday night and Willow was giddy with excitement.  Friday night I was also dealing with a deadline:  my writing group was getting together and I still had some work to edit before I went there.

Waiting for the bus. I think Willow is so beautiful. I’m biased, of course, but I think so anyway.

Ordinarily, I don’t leave editing to the last minute like that (okay, I lied, I do it more often than I would like to admit), but since it wasn’t done, that meant I needed to be sure it was done before I took Willow to her friend’s house.  So I worked on that, figured out the Trimet trip plan, and figured I would get to walk some  of the trip back so I could get in my walking before the meeting.

Willow clowning around while we wait for the $^%@*^& bus.

Nope.  Didn’t happen.  The bus we were supposed to take didn’t show up on time, or rather, it didn’t show up at all.  Then, the next bus was one that didn’t go the full route, but stopped at the garage (which is on that particular route), and we got dropped off and had to wait for the next one.  Then, that bus ended up turning into the garage, too, after dumping all of its passengers off.  They said that the driver told them it was overheating and they had to wait for the next one.  (I wonder if that was true or if the driver just needed to pee really bad, lol.)  So we waited and waited for the next one, which was also late.

She’s good at the yarn type crafts. I can’t knit a stitch. Or crochet a perl. Or whatever you call it.

On the bus (finally!), Willow gets uppity and decides No More Pictures.

So Willow was late getting to her little sleepover, and I was already running late to get back to my writing group appointment.  I called the Trimet trip line to see when the buses were running to go back, and discovered that the next one wasn’t due for another 45 minutes.  Even if I walked it, I still wouldn’t have made it back to the meeting in time.  But if I walked over to the next bus line, I could just barely make it.  So I got in little walking then, and from walking the dog during the day, and to and from the meeting (which was held fairly close to my house) but it certainly didn’t pan out the way I had hoped!

However, my Laurels writing group was fun.  I always enjoy getting together with them.  It’s just the right mix of good conversation and getting to writing business.  And that night we got to meet a new member and welcome him in.  Welcome, Jason!

Friday I walked 3.88 miles.


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