June 18th and 19th Friday Follow Up

Friday follow ups are my weekly Friday posts where I share where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to on my Portland Walkabout.  I’ve got a 2000 mile goal I’m trying to achieve by the last day of 2012.

Monday’s Highlights-

Yep. This was me on Monday.
image from http://www.theromancedish.com/2010/06/battling-blahs.html

Whiny-ness officially set in on Monday.  I was tired.  I was SO busy over the weekend, I barely had time to breathe.  Therefore, Monday I moped, I lazed, I didn’t do squat.  I kept telling myself I was going to get my ass out of the house, but….never quite did.  The most I did was when I realized, fairly late at night, that Dante hadn’t had his evening walk yet (Micah and I conned Willow into taking him that morning) and if I didn’t get my butt off the dang chair (or bed–my positions seemed to alternate between those two places), he would likely explode in a great big yellow shower.  Poor dog.  I forced myself to take him out.

So for Monday, I walked a whopping .62 miles.  Whee!  I think that is officially my worst day so far.  Sigh.

Tuesday’s Highlights-

Tuesday I had to take Micah to a doctor appointment (that’s the appointment where we found out Micah is getting referred to OHSU for evaluation for a transplant). After the appointment, we managed to drag our butts to the gym and get in a pretty good workout.  I was disgusted with myself for my poor performance Monday and wanted to make good.  Like me, Micah had been feeling the doldrums on Monday, too.  So we both put in a good effort there.

Our schedule was a bit off, though, since we went to the doctor’s appointment in the morning.  It seemed like we were continually behind for the rest of the day.  We hurried to get dinner done, and then I dropped Micah off for dialysis on my way to the mall for a card game night.  I was hoping the card players I was meeting up with would be willing to play-test my Transplant! game.  They did, and it was great hearing their feedback.  I even got to learn some new card games I hadn’t played before.  Foppen is fun!  I didn’t get home until late.

So Dante got another short walk and I got another short day of walking in.  Grrr.

Tuesday I walked 2.72 miles.


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