June 20th I Kick Myself In The Butt FFU*

*FFU= Friday Follow Up.  Friday Follow Ups are where I post about the last seven days of my Portland Walkabout.  Where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, etc.  Check it out!  Today I even have some fun pics!

Wednesday’s Highlights-

So after a week of abysmal numbers in my walking log, I knew I needed a serious kick in the pants.  Time to knuckle down, and get my butt in gear!  So I decided that for Wednesday I would walk fifteen miles.  I’ve never gone that far before, and I really wanted to do it.

So I did.

Anticlimactic, isn’t it?  Tee hee.

“Feed me, Holly!”

I walked from Stark to several blocks past Division on 30th Ave., 34th Ave. and 37th Ave.  I also winded all over the place along 34th and 37th on the side streets, to add to the mileage, and to explore.  Because let’s face it, how fun is walking unless you explore a little bit?

I also managed to get a wicked sunburn on my face and shoulders.  Ouch.  Stupid me, I forgot to put sunscreen on.  Again.  Believe it or not, I’m actually the sunscreen disciplinarian in our house, making sure everyone has it.  I’m fanatical about it usually.  So this lapse in sunscreen coverage, coming from me twice in a row is unheard of.

The strips of white skin on my neck where the camera strap was meant I got lots of great pictures, though.  So be sure to check out the gallery below.

I walked about 13.59 miles before I started running out of time.  Wednesday evening Micah and I had been invited to a Portland Kidney Walk after-party/meet n’ greet, where we were going to meet the Division President of the National Kidney Foundation.

It would have been better if I had started at 8am, like I did last time, but since I was up late playing cards and play-testing my game Tuesday night, I slept in a little on Wednesday, drat it.   But still I got a solid 6 hours of walking in before I had to go home and get ready to go.

I was quite pleased with my performance, because not only did I go farther faster (13.59 miles vs. 13.27), but I also didn’t have the benefit of performance enhancing drugs this time.  That’s right people.  I did NOT use ibuprofen OR caffeine at any time during this walk.  For he walk I did on the 9th, I imbibed those substances.  I admit it–halfway through a long walk, I find taking a few ibuprofen and swilling down some energy drink gives me pep and cuts the aches and allows me to crank out more miles.

So despite not have the benefit of those things (and boy, let me tell you I could FEEL it), I still outperformed my last walk.  Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was say, “Ibuprofen!  Get me the dang ibuprofen!”

But I wasn’t done walking for the day.  I walked to the bus (five blocks away) and then walked downtown from our stop to our meeting place (a nice little distance).  Then once we got home, we walked from the bus stop.

I decided that since I was still managing to stand and had some semblance of energy, I better take the dog for a walk, because if I sat down, I wasn’t going to get back up again.  So I took the dog for a walk too.

The meet n’ greet was really nice, by the way.  We talked to Troyce, one of the gentleman who is in The Bad Actors band that played on Saturday and who just happens to also be on dialysis, to see if they would be interested in doing the soundtrack for the film, and he said they would likely be delighted.  They are very supportive of the dialysis community.  That was exciting.  Troyce is a great guy and very inspiring.

So Wednesday was a very full day. All told, my mileage came to 15.71 miles!  Whoohoo!!!


3 thoughts on “June 20th I Kick Myself In The Butt FFU*

  1. Holly, these pictures are so good and SO interesting. If I were you, I would consider creating a separate blog that are just pictures. But then again, maybe not–that would be another time consuming thing. By the way, I think a microgym is the kind of gym that you can only see through a microscope. Bahahahaha! 🙂 Sorry, I cracked myself up.
    Also, wanted to say BIG congratulations on the 15.77 miles! Woohoo! When you said you got home and wanted the ibuprofen but then went and walked the dog too I was shocked. I would have said, “dog, you walk yourself today.”
    Anyway, did you find a half marathon to do? 🙂

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