June 21st Friday Follow Up

Friday Follow Ups are where I post about the last seven days of my Portland Walkabout.  Where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, etc.  Check it out!

Thursday’s Highlights-

Thursday I walked all over out past Micah’s dialysis clinic.  I took a bunch of pictures and everything.

Tree tunnels rather like this. Since I can’t post my picture, this will have to do.

The neighborhood out there is very beautiful.  Trees arching over the streets so you feel like you’re driving through tree tunnels (when you’re driving), expansive houses, classic architecture, beautifully manicured yards.  It’s harder to pick out quirky stuff, but I did manage to find a few gems among all the gorgeous homes.  While my eye tends to gravitate to the unusual, sometimes just taking photos of how beautiful old architecture can be and how grand some homes really are is enough.  It makes me want to dig out some books on architecture, because I find myself trying to remember the names of different features.

One of the things I find rather amusing when I see the classic-styled homes is that they are almost all completely white.  Or if not white, they are a light neutral color, with white trim.  But if you look at art history, the classic period these homes are mimicking weren’t white when they were created.  Oh, all of those marble statues and columns of the ancient Greek and Roman monuments are white now, but that’s because the marble is weathered.  When those monuments and buildings were first built, they were painted garish, bright colors!  The clothes on the statues were painted according to the fashions of their era.  Time has stripped them of their bright paints and the white marble is what we see now.  I think it would be fun if someone who had a “classic” home painted it bright red, yellow, green and blue-maybe even with some gold flake tossed in for added grandeur– in honor of the classic period they are imitating.

The super sad thing is, despite getting some pretty neat pictures yesterday evening, my camera has now decided to go bleah and no longer cooperate with me.  So I can’t post a single one!  Waah!

I should have known this day would come.  I’ve had it for 3 years (and it was a used camera when I got it).  I took it on my trip in 2009.  I’ve been lugging it all over Portland.  It has slowly but surely been acting wonkier and wonkier.  Now it doesn’t recognize itself as being on and tells me to go to the menu to turn on the usb connection so that I can transfer files.  That doesn’t work.  And my computer, also old (got it in early 2008, I think), won’t read the SD Pro card.

I need new equipment.  😦

Anyhow, at least I got in a decent walk.  I had to rush at the end, though, because I realized I was running late (I tend to get lost in my head when walking, and didn’t realize that my friend Marrla’s birthday party was only 15 minutes away and I still had 10 blocks left to get back before I could get my stuff and go over to her house!).  But it was nice.  I wasn’t sure how far I would be able to walk after the big day I did on Wednesday.  I think I could have gone for a few more miles, easily, but I had to get home for Marrla’s party.

Thursday I walked 4.73 miles.


2 thoughts on “June 21st Friday Follow Up

  1. Well, I tried to leave a comment on this one and then something happened and my comment went POOF! So, what I tried to say was that you totally educated me because I had no clue those old statues and buildings were once painted bright garish colors–and that makes me like them even more. Can you imagine how pretty the cityline must have been to see all those colors?
    Also, wanted to say sorry your camera broke. 😦 That is really not a good thing for a blogger.

    • I know! I’m devastated. 😦 I’m not sure what to do now, since getting a new one definitely isn’t in my budget. Maybe I’ll have to prowl craigslist when I get paid and buy some simple point and shoot to hold me over until I can get some sort of campaign kicked off. My husband and I want to do a RocketHub campaign for the documentary he’s doing, and I hope to get that in the works in the next week or so. We need funds to finish the film and get some equipment and a new camera would help. So far we’ve just been getting by with volunteers and their equipment, but we really need our OWN stuff. Then we can do even more projects, put more stuff out there, get our name known more, etc. Beg once, make lots of stuff as a result. At least I’m hoping.

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