Transplant! Design Stage

The possibilities for card design are limitless. Just look at this sampling! It makes my head spin. What style or look do I want?

Well, I’ve had my card game play-tested several times now and I’m just about to the point where I want to design my cards.  I’m nervous!  I want them to look good and be fun to play and I have no idea how I want them to look just yet.

Even the type/font and style of the suits can be anything, anything at all!

It’s exciting to be in this stage, though.  I can’t wait until I’ve finished it, so I can share some of the designs with you as a sneak peak before I release them to the public.  On my to do list this week is to contact some game production companies and find out just what the specs need to be for them to produce them (what type of image, how big, what colors I can choose from, etc.) and get some official estimates for production costs.  Up to this point, I’ve just been using the production cost calculators on a couple of different sites to estimate costs and haven’t talked to any real people just yet.

It may be that the print-on-demand company ends up being too expensive (as in, say, they charge $20 to print a deck, and if I’m going to get anything for me and donate anything to the Kidney Foundation, I would need to charge at least $30 and who would want to spend that for a simple card game?), I may choose to go with one where I have to buy an actual print run, which implies risk (unsold stock collecting dust on my shelves at home!).

We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Transplant! Design Stage

  1. Ack! I have missed a lot and I haven’t even been gone long! I can’t believe you are at this stage yet. Geesh! Maybe you could do that one thing online where you try to raise money for a project and you say such and such a percent goes to the Kidney Foundation? I don’t know how all that works, though.
    anyway, this is really exciting that you have gotten this far! Whoop whoop!

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